ECL is a pan-European umbrella organisation of national and regional cancer leagues.  Since 1980, we have been providing a unique and important platform for cancer societies. From Iceland to Turkey, ECL is represented by leagues in the extended Europe.  Together, we are "making a Difference in Cancer Prevention and Control!"


ECL is a non-profit association and an alliance of national and regional cancer leagues.

Established in 1980, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year!

The main goals of the association are:
  • to promote a healthy lifestyle for all European citizens;
  • to enhance access to cancer screening programmes;
  • to ensure greater and cross-border access to diagnostics, treatment and support; and
  • to advocate for the establishment and implementation of national cancer control programmes.

In order to reach these goals, ECL

  • facilitates the exchange of experiences and best practices among member organisations;
  • supports member organisations' efforts towards common policies on agreed themes;
  • promotes capacity building by organising and supporting working groups in priority areas; and
  • influences the EU agenda on oncology topics through lobbying and providing support to leagues in influencing national policies.

ECL is currently represented by 24 European cancer organizations.  As resources, the leagues have a combined income of over 700 million Euro (US$1,209,000,000), over 6,000 staff members and more than half a million volunteers in their fight against cancer.  The running of ECL is funded mainly by annual fees from its member leagues.  Selected specific activities are funded by industry sponsors, such as Garnier International for our melanoma actions.  (IMPORTANT NOTE: ECL has a strict policy where none of ECL's financial contributors has any involvement or say in our plans or actions!  All requests for funding are initiated by ECL.)

We serve as a valuable source of information on cancer, on initiatives set up at the European level, on EU decisions and legislations related to cancer, on the status of various European on-going projects that all seek to fight cancer.

We also serve as a platform of exchange of best practices, where our members learn from each others' experiences.


ECL is active in EU activities and a key contributor to European actions in tackling cancer. We are leading the pillar on Cancer Prevention with the European Commission's Partnership Action Against Cancer 2011-2013.  A main component of this pillar is the relaunch of the European Week Against Cancer, scheduled for the last week of May every year.  We will also be working with key partners, including WHO and IARC to effectively communicate the European Code Against Cancer. Please also see here.

For more information, feel free to contact us: info (at)

Please note that the Secretariat is not staffed to answer specific medical questions, nor do we have resources to provide financial support to patients.  We encourage you to contact the cancer leagues in your own region or country.

Read about our members and timely cancer topics in our monthly newsletters!!

 The Association of European Cancer Leagues implements activities which receive financial support from the European Commission under an Operating Grant from the European Union's Health Programme (2014-2020). The views expressed on our website and reports do not necessarily reflect the official views of the EU institutions.
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ECL's Vision


The vision of the Association of European Cancer Leagues for a Europe free of cancers!


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