ECL is a pan-European umbrella organisation of national and regional cancer leagues.  Since 1980, we have been providing a unique and important platform for cancer societies. From Iceland to Turkey, ECL is represented by leagues in the extended Europe.  Together, we are "making a Difference in Cancer Prevention and Control!"

There are FAKE emails circulating which claim to be affiliated with us or a cancer organization. They aim to obtain personal information and then to scam money from recipients in the form of fees required for the bogus process.

............FAKE EMAIL FOLLOWS..........


Hello, How do you do? My name is Clark Williams, Recruiting executive for The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society and i would be very interested in giving you a part-time paying job in which you could earn as much as $3000 in a month in your country. This project has been developed in a way not to affect your present job nor bring you any form of stress but in order to help take care of those extra costs in the area of Financial Independence, and also empower you by providing the keys to controlling your income and quality in life. The Anti-Cancer Society offers personal care and treatment to patients at their homes. The Home Care Service was introduced in September 1993. Today, it covers the whole of Cyprus, by offering medical care, nursing treatment to patients as well as social and psychological support, so that more patients are able to remain at home. More than 620 patients were treated last year. Presently, we have just been given a go ahead t o head a charity support project in the tropical regions of East Africa regarding Poverty Alleviation and the treatments of cancer victims which would commence very soon. However, our funding were by our European, Australian, Canadians, and American counterparts which sent me the bunch of payments mostly in money orders and Travelers checks. Getting an accountant in the your country and opening an account would have been my best choice but we have a deadline to meet and taking any of those choices would cost me time and a whole lot of other requirements I am not ready to deal with as I would be traveling a lot. So presently, I would be willing to accept your application on contract basis to be our Payment Rep. This way I could issue and make these payments out to you, then cash them easily, deduct ten percent (10%) of the total amount on these payments as your commission for the great service you have rendered in support to saving life's in the third world and then have the rest wired to me (or directly to my accountants involved in this project via Western Union Money Transfer. I want you to read the details of this job and then get back to me by emailing me on if you are interested and I will provide you with more information and make concluding arrangements after which I will provide you details and information on when the job will commence. I have attached an employment form in this email which you could fully fill on your computer and send back as an attachment, just so I know who and where I would be sending my payments out to. Do provide the address where you will be able to sign for the collection of the payment Thank You



........END FAKE EMAIL ALERT......


 The Association of European Cancer Leagues implements activities which receive financial support from the European Commission under an Operating Grant from the European Union's Health Programme (2014-2020). The views expressed on our website and reports do not necessarily reflect the official views of the EU institutions.
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ECL's Vision


The vision of the Association of European Cancer Leagues for a Europe free of cancers!


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