ECL is a pan-European umbrella organisation of national and regional cancer leagues.  Since 1980, we have been providing a unique and important platform for cancer societies. From Iceland to Turkey, ECL is represented by leagues in the extended Europe.  Together, we are "making a Difference in Cancer Prevention and Control!"


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European Week Against Cancer 2012

(Link to 2013 Week and Competition is here)

As the Official Coordinator for the European Week Against Cancer 25-31 May each year, ECL, with the generous sponsorship of the Italian Cancer League this year, organised the

“Communicating the Code” Youth Competition

BIG THANKS to everyone who submitted an entry!  

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ECL is responsible for coordinating the European Week Against Cancer (EWAC) each year, within the framework of the European Commission’s “European Partnership for Action Against Cancer” (

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This EWAC Youth Competition encourages you, the student, to learn how cancer can be prevented, by creating  posters and videos that communicate effectively to others your age, on what you can do NOW to prevent cancer LATER in life.


  • Only one poster or video per team of 3 to 5 students will be accepted.   You must each be between the ages of 11 to 18 years, OR be enrolled in secondary school or equivalent.
  • You can be of any nationality but you must be living and attending a school in Europe (EU and non-EU).


Messages must be related to one or more messages in the European Code Against Cancer (click to download as PDF from the European Commission), and communicated in a way that would help others your same age to understand how to prevent cancer.  Posters and videos can be in any European language, but keep in mind that they need to be translatable into all other European languages.


  • The poster must be your own original artwork. Submissions with copyrighted characters (such as Tintin or Mickey Mouse) or copyrighted clip art will not be accepted.
  • Any art material or computer software can be used (e.g. paint, ink, coloured pencils, photography, PDF, JPG etc.).
  • The poster is to be created by you and only you (not your parents, your big sister or brother, etc.)
  • None of your names can appear as part of the posters.


  • The video cannot be longer than 3 minutes.
  • The video must be in a format that is uploadable to Youtube ( .AVI, .MKV, .MOV, .MP4, etc.)
  • Music used in the video must not infringe on any copyrights.
  • The video must be the sole creation by YOU and YOUR FRIENDS (not your parents, etc .)
  • None of your names can appear in the video.


How to Submit:

  • Each submission must include a Joint Release Form declaring sole ownership and giving copyright permission.
  • Posters and videos can be emailed to ECL as attachments or links to Youtube.
  • Posters and videos can also be mailed by post to ECL. Posters must then be at least 30x40cm (A3) in size and no bigger than 60x84cm (A1).   Videos can be on a CD, DVD, or usb memory.


Judging Criteria – entries will be rated:

  • How well did your entry address one or more messages of the Code;
  • How clear are the messages conveyed;
  • What is the level of creativity and originality;
  • How appropriate are the messages for others the same age as you;
  • How international are the messages to other countries and cultures, when translated to other European languages.


Judging Procedure:

  • Shortlisted finalists will be decided by the ECL Board and WP5 Associated Partners.
  • The final 3 winning teams will be voted on among the finalists by all partners in the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer, plus invited judges from the educational and youth communities.


Student Prizes:

1st Prize, each student in team chooses between an IPad , 7” tablet, OR 500€ subsidy to travel to Rome to visit the Italian Cancer League.

2nd Prize, each student in team chooses between an Ipod OR similar tablet.

3rd Prize, each student gets a digital camera.

All participants in the competition will receive a Certificate of Recognition from ECL.

All entries will be exhibited at the European Week Against Cancer and European Partnership for Action Against Cancer meetings in Rome, as well as on the ECL and partner websites.


Educator Prizes:

To thank our educators for their help, we are also recognizing their contributions!

1st Prize:  teacher of 1st Prize winning team (where students had participated due to the teacher’s encouragement) will receive 300€ for professional use.

2nd Prize, teacher responsible for 2nd Prize winning team will receive 250€ for professional use.

3rd Prize, teacher responsible for 3rd Prize winning team will receive 200€ for professional use.


ECL accepted submissions until 21 May 2012.  Voting will take place among EPAAC partner organisations until early June.  Winners will be notified in early June.  Good luck to all those hardworking youth who submitted an entry!  Thanks, you guys are GREAT!


Questions to

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