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The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) was founded in 1952. ICA sets its goal to reduce cancer morbidity and mortality rates by: promoting research, increasing awareness of the importance of prevention and early detection, improving methods of treatment and rehabilitation for patients and survivors and enhancing their quality of life.



The ICA has acted according to WCD (World Cancer Declaration) guidelines and its activities are monitored by the National Cancer Registry, founded in the 1960s with assistance from the ICA. 


In 1983 Israel was among the first 10 countries to legislate a law banning smoking in public places. Since then, smoking rates have declined from 45% to 22%; in order to continue enhancing these rates, a government bill was recently proposed with a comprehensive plan to accelerate the implementation of the components of the FTCT. 

When accumulating research confirmed the importance of the “energy-balance”:- avoiding obesity and excessive alcohol intake, and the necessity of leading an active lifestyle, we launched media campaigns which significantly heightened awareness of these issues.

For secondary prevention, we initiated the National Mammography Screening project, including quality assurance, which is currently sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Health and all the HMOs.  Since the inception of this project, we have witnessed a significant improvement in early detection rates and according to WHO European Region statistics, Israel ranked among the leading countries in breast cancer survival in Europe.    Additionally, thanks to our Mobile Mammography Unit, we have almost completely bridged the gap that existed in mammography compliance rates between Jewish and Arab citizens. 


Most importantly, recently, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics reported a 30% decline in breast cancer mortality rate over the past decade. 


About four years ago we initiated the colorectal cancer screening program; however, the compliance rate is currently 40%, so we still have a long road ahead.  It is a well-known fact that Israel is a sun drenched country; about 19 years ago, we initiated the Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and ever since then, early detection rates have risen fivefold and mortality rates have also improved. 

We promote research and fund basic, clinical, epidemiological and psycho-social research grants. Israel is known for particularly high carrier rates of genetic mutations, so in certain respects, Israel serves as a “lab” for research in this significant field, so we are especially proud of the Genetics Consortium which has already contributed knowledge to prestigious international scientific literature. 

We also make every effort to lobby for state-of-the-art technologies and medications according to national health priorities set by professionals, and strive to ensure patients’ rights and enhance their quality of life. 

We run and initiate many diverse rehabilitation programs and activities, with an emphasis in recent years on survivors’ needs, offering special workshops and diverse body and soul activities.

To conclude, we act on all fronts, on behalf of patients and against the disease.  Our activity is based solely on donations, and out of principle, we do not seek any government funding, so that only professional considerations determine our activities.    This year marked the Jubilee of our Annual Door Knock fundraising campaign that enlists about 40,000 elementary and high school students who go from door-to- door to collect donations from households all over Israel. 

We constantly seek new ways to breathe new life into our programs, and we are currently exploring the use of new media in our area of activity.  

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