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June 2016


1.-Les-roses-emballéesOn 23 and 24 April, a special weekend event was organized by big hearted bikers. The principle was simple: volunteer bikers roam the villages to offer a rose against a symbolic donation of minimum 2€ to benefit the League Against Cancer of the department in which the initiative took place.
Several months of preparation were necessary for the weekend to take place in the best conditions. The association volunteers started looking for generous donors, whether small traders, companies such as ALTEN, or individuals or anonymous. They supported us with financial donations or in kind, which allow us, among others, to provide a hot meal to the bikers who traveled our roads (sometimes in the rain).
At the same time, routes were defined and tested to respect the expected timing and especially to ensure that the roads were in good condition and were not undergoing some work.
Finally, during the two days of the weekend, the 8000 roses were delivered. It's the running time for the "little-factory". Indeed, every rose had its thorns removed and the official logo of the action was applied.
At this stage, motivation was the first driver before starting the core of the weekend alongside with a good atmosphere.

After reviewing the safety rules related to the riding in group and the weather conditions, the start was launched!
The fifty motorcycle crews were easily recognizable thanks to bibs stamped "League against cancer," the sealed money boxes, and badges that identified the bikers.

Despite the weather conditions which mixed clear, clouds, showers and hail, it was for everyone a weekend full of emotions, with unforgettable moments, a permanent good atmosphere, and anecdotes to remember for the next year! Given the immediate success from Saturday morning, we even had to re-order last minute roses. And this translated into a respectable amount collected.
The Rupt-de-Mad & Pont-à-Mousson sector is proud to announce to all participants that the 8500 roses distributed allowed to collect € 23,000 for the League against Cancer of Meurthe-et-Moselle cancer for the 2016 edition!




March 2015

The right to oblivion, a step toward equality

Former cancer patients will no longer have to report their disease in order to take out a loan or to subscribe to an insurance.
The President of the French League Against Cancer, Jacqueline Godet, explained why such a decision which is one of the key measure of the third national Cancer Plan (2014-2019) is a significant victory.

"For ten years, the French League Against Cancer has been struggling for helping former cancer patient to be granted the access to bank loans or to insurance contracts to finance their projects. In reality, the disease tends to affect not only the family life but also the social, economic and professional spheres. For ten years, the French League Against Cancer has put stress on unfair and unequal situations experienced by people nevertheless considered by doctors as cured.
While in 2015 almost 60% of cancer patients were considered as cured , they were still labelled as "ill" by a large number of employers, insurers, bankers and so on. Such discriminations could no longer continue in the land of liberty represented by France.


It is hence with pride and with gratitude to the work made by the employees of the League Against Cancer that I welcome the Memorandum of Understanding which deal with the 'right to oblivion' for cancer patients signed on 24th March 2015 at the headquarter of the League Against Cancer in the presence of the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, with the Minister of Finance and Public Accounts, Michel Sapin, the Minister of Social Affairs, Marisol Touraine and stakeholders including the French League Against Cancer. 

Such a measure will enable former cancer patients to erase their 'cancer police record' which tend to be as threatening as the disease itself. Henceforth, children who have been touched by a cancer before being 15 years old will no more pay tribute to this disease in their adulthood. And in the case of a cancer developed in adulthood, people will no longer have to report their disease 15 years after the treatments have ended. Thanks to this agreement, people would be able to achieve their life goals for themselves and for their families which were until now not conceivable. This Memorandum of Understanding is a major step forward equality but also toward the abolition of the double penalty constituted by the disease and the burden of having a 'cancer police record'.
A mobilization of all stakeholders is necessary!
In the framework of the negotiations of the new agreement named 'Aeras 3', the French League Against Cancer, its 650 000 members and all cancer patients and their families ask the public authorities for broadening the measures taken on March 2015. In reality, there is still a long way to go to enable ALL cancer patients to have a 'right of oblivion'. And as life is not only buying an house, but also continuing one's studies or finding a suitable job, changes need to be done in all paths of life for cured cancer patients.

In addition, as the right of oblivion is nowadays guaranteed by the legislation, there is now a new step to take which is the 'duty to forget' by the whole society. Employers, insurers, bankers....thank you for forgetting".

More information on the website of the French League Against Cancer :



Pink October 2014

13-10-03 Fontaine rose à Chambéry


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November 2013

President of French Cancer League in meeting with France’s President


On 21 November 2013, Professor Jacqueline Godet, president of the French Cancer League, was received at the Elysée palace by the French President François Hollande to discuss the next Cancer Plan.

During their friendly meeting, France’s head of state showed himself to be particularly receptive to the League’s expectations and he emphasised the important role that the French association plays in the fight against cancer and, overall, within society.  During the discussion, François Hollande frequently mentioned his attachment to the League.


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