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Landmarks Turn Pink 2016 (Global Landmarks Illumination Initiative)

HEICHAL HATARBUT Charles Bronfman Auditorium in Tel Aviv was illuminated in pink


The Estee Lauder Companies in Israel partneredwith the ICA to illuminate the Heichal Hatarbut Charles Bronfman Auditorium in Tel Aviv in pink and launched the Amaryllis Belladonna Project – the sale of pink amaryllis flowers at the Zer4u chain of flower shops in October; proceeds from the sale will be donated to the ICA.    

Israel Pink October 2016 1

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Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors Launched a Motorcycle Trip to increase awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer in Tel Aviv and Holon

To remind women of the life-saving potential inherent in early detection, Friday, the 7th of October 2016 saw a Breast Cancer Patients' and Survivors' Motorcycle Trip, initiated by the "I'm also making a noise to increase breast cancer awareness" Facebook group, the ICA, and the Harley-Davidson Riders Club. This campaign was launched in honor of International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and was made possible courtesy of Albar Moto Harley-Davidson Dealership in Israel, and Roche Pharmaceuticals.  Over 100 Harley-Davidson riders participated in this motorcycle trip, carrying a cancer patient or survivor as a passenger.  These passengers were dressed in a pink t-shirt aimed at increasing early detection awareness and were selected from among members of the breast cancer facebook group associated with the ICA.

Israel Pink October 2016 3

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"Things aren't as (so) bad as they seem"

A new play at Tzavta by Aviv Rosen who coped with breast cancer

Things aren't as (so) bad as they seem, a new play at Tzavta by Aviva Rosen who coped with breast cancer.

What happens when three women go on a singles trip when war breaks out?  They get closer to one another and discover that all three of them are battling a common enemy - breast cancer.  Despite all their differences, they get to know themselves better through their friendship, and make various decisions regarding their lives.

This new play by Aviva Rosen who coped with breast cancer herself, is being staged with the Israel Cancer Association's blessing and with the assistance of Roche Pharmaceuticals.


This play features actresses Noa Meiman, Tzipor Eisen Lior, Raanan Paz and Ronit Ziv who coped with breast cancer, and is an ICA volunteer.


Israel Pink October 2016 4

More info here (in Hebrew) 






"If I would have waited, I wouldn't have been kept in the picture" Photo Campaign



Photographer Michal Bendek, who survived breast cancer, took semi-nude shots of 40 women for a social media campaign to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer in collaboration with the Israel Cancer Association.  Female breast cancer patients and survivors across a broad spectrum of ages took part in the photo shoot to be shared on social media networks under the tagline: "If I would have waited, I wouldn't have been kept in the picture" to remind the female population that early detection is potentially life-saving.


Israel Pink October 2016 5

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New public information ads on different medias


A new public information ad has been published in the various media channels (enclosed):

This ad informs men of the possibility that they may be BRCA mutation carriers - this is a mutation in a gene that predisposes them to certain types of cancer - and also emphasizes the fact, which is less publicly known, that genetic mutations predisposing people to breast and ovarian cancer are sometimes passed on through the father, not only through the mother.  This ad invites male readers to enter the questionnaire on the ICA website and find out whether they are at risk.

Israel Pink October 2016 6



New public information booklets

  1. Metastatic breast cancer – describes how to treat the disease and provides sources of information, etc.Thanks to Nicole Zernik, this booklet was translated from the Europa Donna booklet published in France, and adapted to the Israeli audience courtesy of Pfizer Inc
  2. Guide for women diagnosed with a pathological finding in their breast – a new booklet with a flowchart


This booklet serves as a guide for women who have been diagnosed with a pathological finding in their breast,  compiling information and practical tips to help women who developed the disease make decisions. 

For each stage of the disease trajectory, the booklet provides questions which should receive a response. 

Israel Pink October 2016 7


3. Taking the healthy route – adopting a healthy lifestyle. Israel Pink October 2016 7





May 2016

Skin Cancer Prevention and Detection Awareness Week 
and World No Tobacco Day

Skin Cancer Prevention and Detection Awareness Week
1. Heralding the beginning of summer, the ICA in collaboration with all the healthcare funds, marked Skin Cancer Prevention and Detection Awareness Week, initiated by the ICA about 20 years ago. During the week between 23.5 and 29.5, three hundred clinics opened across Israel, offering free skin cancer screenings.
2. The ICA published a press release in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, and presented up-to-date skin cancer and melanoma morbidity, survival and mortality statistics. Among other statistics, it was reported that as a result of ICA activity, we were happy to have dropped in the ranking among the 20 countries with the highest melanoma incidence rates worldwide, from 3rd to 13th place among men and 20th place among women. In other words, we have led to tangible achievements in primary prevention!
3. A new ICA telephone survey among adults aged 18 and over and among teens aged 15-17, presented important information regarding skin cancer knowledge and prevention awareness and sun protection behavior. The survey findings received extensive media coverage.
4. The ICA initiated a training workshop for cosmeticians to provide them with tools to detect suspicious skin lesions on facial skin, the neck, the nape of the neck and the hands, and refer customers to dermatologists, as required. The training was held on 23 May and was delivered by Prof. Shalom Avshalom, Volunteer Advisor to the ICA and Director of the Plastic Surgery Unit at Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba.
5. The ICA held a seminar on melanoma and BCC (basal cell carcinoma) at the ICA Headquarters in Givatayim. This session was geared towards patients, survivors and their families. Akin to all ICA activities, admission to the seminar was free.
6. During the summer months, beginning in May, the ICA reinforces its public information campaigns on sun-safe behavior and early detection of skin cancer, by advertising through the various media channels, delivering lectures at educational institutions, summer camps and workplaces. In addition, the ICA holds seminars and distributes various informational materials. A special interactive program is planned with the Kids' cable TV Channel.

ICA Activity marking World No Tobacco Day:

1. Marking World No Tobacco Day, the ICA published a press release with the aim of increasing awareness of the hazards of smoking, smoking prevention, and cessation methods. In addition, the ICA launched campaigns through the various media channels, published updates in articles and interviews and also provided the general public with information regarding this subject.

2. In a Facebook survey question, the ICA asked the public what they do when people smoke next to them. The survey and its results received media coverage.
3. Towards World No Tobacco Day, the ICA announced a new smoking cessation intervention program for soldiers serving in the IDF. The cessation will be implemented with the help of text messages to the soldiers' cellphones; this program is customized for soldiers and is offered free of charge for those participating in a study on smoking intervention financed by the ICA. The ICA, the Medical Corps, the School of Public Health of the Hebrew University-Hadassah, and the Ministry of Health have partnered to develop and evaluate this new program. Israel 2.png

4. Upon the initiative of the Healthy Cities Network of the Local Authorities and the ICA, most of the entities engaged in the fight against smoking, collaborated upon the approach of World No Tobacco Day, to increase awareness of the hazards of smoking and the need to reduce the magnitude of active and passive smoking risks in Israel, under the slogan 'Smoke-free Israel'.
Among the entities collaborating in this activity, the following should be noted: the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the healthcare funds, the Israel Medical Association, the National Council for the Prevention of Smoking, the Medical Association for Smoking Prevention and Cessation, local councils, and other entities. The activity will include 'World No Tobacco Day' at the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) on 14 June.
5. On 1 June, The Annual School Competition on Tobacco Prevention, in memory of the late Dr. Marcus was held at the ICA Headquarters, in collaboration with Shefi-the Psychology and Counseling Unit of the Ministry of Health and the League against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases.
Projects on the fight against smoking, which made it to the finals and were carried out by students from different schools, were featured in this competition. Five schools made it to the finals, and the Jewish Elementary School in Beer Sheva in the Negev and the Arab High School in Majdal Al-Krum won first prize. The project by the youth of Majd el-Kurum received extensive media coverage due to its uniqueness. A thousand students collected thousands of empty cigarette packs from cigarettes that their families smoked for a month. They built a model comprising 60,000 cigarette packs! They also calculated what they could have purchased with the money that was invested in cigarette consumption – an estimated 288 million ILS (an estimated 66,055,045 Euros) is spent on cigarettes each year!



6. A school competition challenging students to design warning labels on cigarette packs was held for the very first time this year; this was a joint initiative of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the ICA. This competition aimed to enable students to take an active part in designing the future cigarette packs of Israel, designs that will help prevent their friends from taking their first cigarette.

Israel Youth competition


Pink October 2014 


 The Peres Center for Peace in Tel -Aviv-Jaffa was lit up in pink.








Pink Tshirt

  Launch of the 'This is a Pink Shirt' Project, in collaboration with Estee Lauder company, Israel.

The kick-off event was held in the presence of the former President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, Knesset members, physicians, media personalities, breast cancer patients and survivors, as well as public personalities and celebrities. The pictures were distributed through various communications media, including the social media (Facebook)






 Hand made artwork 

Unique exhibit by a breast cancer patient who designed a collage composed of different images of women she met while coping with breast cancer; she used colorful buttons instead of breasts. This exhibit encompassed 400 artworks on display throughout the entire month of October at an art gallery in Tel- Aviv.










World Cancer Day 2014

On World Cancer Day, the ICA reported 12,867 lectures on subjects related to prevention and early detection which were delivered over the course of 2013 at schools, in community centers and at workplaces. Moreover, the ICA reported the distribution of 1,528,497 informational booklets/leaflets in 2013, which were handed out at preschools, schools and workplaces' free of charge.



The UICC "Debunking Myths" table was translated into Hebrew.  The UICC statement and infographics regarding myths surrounding cancer was posted on the ICA website and Facebook page. Four of the myths were translated and adapted to Israeli reality and were posted on the ICA website and Facebook page. These myths received extensive media coverage. Likewise, the World Cancer Day banner was uploaded onto the ICA website.
Banner on the homepage of the ICA website featuring the World Cancer Day Logo (on the left).

 Production of an animated clip featured on YouTube

With the approach of World Cancer Day, the ICA produced a humorous animated clip, targeted mainly at teens and young people, which emphasizes the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle: maintaining a healthy balanced diet, avoiding obesity and excessive alcohol consumption and engaging in physical activity.

 Press conference in conjunction with the Ministry of Health (MOH).
A press conference was held in conjunction with the MOH on 4 February, World Cancer Day, and was attended by leading Israeli healthcare journalists and health correspondents of the leading local TV channels, radio stations, written press and online media.



Interviews via the media channels
Interviews with senior staff of the Israel Cancer Association (ICA) and the MOH were conducted on all TV channels and radio stations. Articles also appeared in all the newspapers and websites. A written statement was issued regarding the press conference; this press release aired on all TV networks and radio stations, and also appeared in all the daily newspapers and websites. This press release provided new statistics on cancer incidence, survival and mortality in Israel and throughout the globe, as well as information about new research studies conducted in Israel and worldwide




Summer 2013

116_529x800 Launches of new book "Cake and a Kerchief" written by Naama Zweig      Livre_israel

 The Israel Cancer Association launches a new book "Cake and a Kerchief", written by Naama Zweig, a grandmother who developed cancer and found a unique way to share this with her young granddaughters, in the form of the story of how she coped with the disease.

In this book, Naama tells her granddaughters Michali, Shissy and Noga, about the disease, the treatments she undergoes and their side effects.

Using gentle, warm and loving words, in the form of a game, while baking a cake with her granddaughters, Naama shares the story of how she coped with the disease with great candor.

The book features beautiful and moving illustrations, and can help patients find ways to share their own story of how they coped with the disease with their family members, to open the doors for honest and supportive communication.

This book is available free of charge.  To receive a copy, people are asked to contact the Israel Cancer Association "Telemeida" service.  

The Israel Cancer Association operates a broad-based support network throughout Israel, free of charge, for cancer patients, survivors and their families.  For more information, please visit the ICA website under the "Telemeida" category.

Roche Pharmaceuticals, a company which has been overseeing the "Roche Lends a Hand" project over the past decade, help this book get published.



Sails Dragon Boat steered by breast cancer patients as well as survivors 


The Dragon Boat Festival was held on the Sea of Galilee for the second time on May 9-10.

This is the second year that the Israel Cancer Association was  sailing a dragon boat, with a team consisting of 20 paddlers who are "Yad Lehachlama" – “Reach to Recovery” volunteers, as well as breast cancer patients and survivors who have been added to their ranks.

The twenty women representing the Israel Cancer Association who are paddling in this race have personal stories that involve coping with the disease and its ensuing complications.

The Israel Cancer Association "Yad Lehachlama" group is comprised of volunteer breast cancer survivors who have been trained to assist patients recently diagnosed with the disease. These volunteers provide consultation, visit patients and provide them with support. Accompaniment and assistance are provided free of charge to every woman coping with breast cancer across Israel, built on the following principle: a woman who has lived through breast cancer gives freely of her time to help another woman facing the same experience.

Based on research studies spanning more than 20 years, it has emerged that physical activity is safe and beneficial for breast cancer patients and survivors.

Paddling activity, which mainly involves the upper portion of the body, has been scientifically shown to be an important activity for patients and survivors, as it increases the range of motion, activates the muscular and skeletal system as well as depleted muscles, invigorates the immune system, and gets the lymphatic system back in working order.

Additionally, the team spirit and feeling of "togetherness" contributed to patients' and survivors' emotional reinforcement so that they can better cope with the disease and its aftermath.

As aptly depicted by one of the participants: "When I paddle in the dragon boat, I feel free, happy, invigorated, in control, rejuvenated and powerful".

This activity was made possible thanks to Roche Pharmaceuticals, the company orchestrating the "Roche Lends a Hand" project.



Summary of World Cancer Day Activities 2013 

Press Conference in collaboration with Israel's Ministry of Health

 An ICA-initiated press conference highlighted new and up to date statistics on cancer incidence and mortality rates in Israel, as well as trends over the past twenty years, and a comparison with OECD member countries. Similarly, new research studies relating to cancer prevention were presented.

Survey Marking World Cancer Day

 A new ICA telephone survey, presented at the press conference, examined awareness, attitudes and behavior patterns with regard to cancer.    The survey was conducted among 500 adults ages 18 and older, and 200 teens, ages 15-17.  The most prominent survey finding was that ICA's public information and education activity, as well as the public discourse about cancer, raised awareness as to the options for prevention and a cureand also "shattered myths".  Teens believe more than adults that cancer is a preventable, and not necessarily "predestined" disease, and that in some cases it may be cured.

The survey also compared current statistics on awareness, attitudes and behavior patterns to those of previous surveys that were conducted in 2005, 2008, and showed that there has been a significant increase in awareness of the fact that smoking is a leading cause of cancer (58% in 2012 vs. 37% in 2005) as well as heightened cognizance of the fact that there is a link between lack of physical exercise and obesity on the one hand, and the risk of cancer on the other hand.

 Teen Magazine dedicated to World Cancer Day

 The ICA, in collaboration with Israel's leading teen magazine, "Rosh 1", printed a special issue of the magazine, marking the approach of World Cancer Day; the entire issue was dedicated to cancer prevention with an emphasis on healthy nutrition, avoiding obesity and smoking, and engaging in regular physical activity, as well as reducing alcohol and salt consumption.  The special issue geared towards teens featured articles, tips, personal stories, interviews with "celebs" who maintain a healthy lifestyle and more



 New Ads


  • With the approach of World Cancer Day, the ICA initiated new ad campaigns, courtesy of Gitam BBDO advertising agency, called "Crime Scene". The ad showcases an unhealthy lifestyle and the risk of developing cancer.  This ad was launched within the media.




  • Nouvelle_image_8 Another new ad addresses women who smoke while they are pregnant, cautioning against the implications of smoking during pregnancy, and the harm that is incurred by the pregnant smoker to the fetus and the newborn.   The ad was presented by Gitam BBDO at the 2012 "Golden Fish" Print Awards in Israel, sponsored by the Advertisers Association of Israel ,and was launched in the media. (Attached)


The UICC Banner was launched on ICA's website, as well as on its Facebook page, accompanying all our activities (Attached).  The ICA Facebook Page profile picture included in the UICC logo, and the slogan "Cancer – Did You Know" was also uploaded on the ICA Facebook page.


 The Plan of Action promoted by the NCD Alliance was presented at the press conference, with an update on the situation in Israel, vis-à-vis objectives and targets presented by the Alliance.


The  ICA and "Ananey communication", Israel's largest TV company with 11 channels, partnered in a joint collaborative effort to promote the project "Living Healthy".  The aim of this joint endeavor is to introduce change among children, teens and family members, in all that regards promoting physical activity, avoiding obesity, and adopting healthy eating habits.


8. Tour of Tel Aviv Bars

With the approach of World Cancer Day, representatives of ICA's Public Information and Education Dept., in collaboration with the health correspondent of "Galei Tzahal", the popular IDF radio network, and one of Israel's leading stations, toured the bustling bars of Tel Aviv's nightlife. The representatives observed bar-goers' lack of awareness of the relationship between excessive alcohol consumption and cancer.  Additionally, bar-goers were   informed of ICA's recommendations regarding alcohol consumption, and distributed informational brochures.


9. "Hot Line" in collaboration with Israel's most distributed newspaper "Israel Hayom" (Israel Today).

The ICA in collaboration with the "Israel Hayom" newspaper opened a "hot line" for questions concerning cancer prevention and early detection.  A team of experts in these areas answered listeners' questions.  The conversations were recorded and subsequently printed in the newspaper several days later.   This hotline was promoted in the "Israel Hayom" newspaper on the front page, and extensive articles were dedicated to cancer prevention and early detection for several days. More than 500 listeners contacted the "Hot Line".


Two pages were dedicated to the  subject a day before the "Hot Line"



To sum up, below are the statistical highlights from the press  conference and events revolving around World Cancer Day which were published in the various media channels:In the daily newspapers ("Yediot Aharonot", "Israel Hayom", "Israel Post", "Jerusalem Post"), on TV (including news in Arabic), "Doctors", "Walla" website.

  1. Miri Ziv, ICA Director General, was interviewed on the news on "Galei Tzahal" radio station.
  2. Interview with Miri Ziv on "the Voice of Peace" radio station on the program "Breaking the Routine" (Shoveret Shigra).
  3. Prof. Eliezer Robinson, ICA Chairman, interviewed on "Kol Barama" radio station on the program "Shemona ad Eser" (eight to ten).
  4. Dr. Gal Dubnov-Raz, Director of the Sports, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Clinic at Edmond and Lily Safra Children's Hospital, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, was interviewed on a research study financed by the ICA, Reshet Alef radio station, on the program "For people with disabilities".
  5. Edna Peleg-Olevsky, ICA Spokesperson and Director of the Public Information and Education Dept., was interviewed on the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) channel.
    1. A report was aired concerning the 'Tel Aviv Bars Tour' on "Galei Tzahal" radio station news program.
      1. Interview with Yuval Ben Bassat, an ICA Health Promotion student, on the program "Erev Hadash" on TV Channel 23.
      2. An article in "Israel Post".

10. Yediot Aharonot's "Rosh 1" teen magazine, printed an issue in February 2013, called "A Healthy Life", dedicated entirely to World Cancer Day.

11."An open line" with the newspaper "Israel Hayom" (Israel Today) featuring three free ads, as well as articles with the approach of, during and subsequent to the Hotline Day.

12."BIO" "Haaretz" newspaper magazine will publish on 15.2, statistics and research studies presented at the press conference.





THINK_PINK_HAIFA_University  October 16 2012, saw the all-night lighting in pink of Haifa University's Eshkol Tower, starting from 18:00 as well as the illumination of Israel's tallest residential tower, Migdal Neve Nof at the new Bat Yam promenade.

The "Estée Lauder" Companies' Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness has partnered with the Israel Cancer Association for the past 13 years as part of the Global Landmarks Illumination Initiative.

Mrs. Miri Ziv, ICA Director General, said that: "The ICA leads in the fight against breast cancer on all fronts, in activities ranging from promoting research, prevention methods and early detection, to enhancing treatment modalities and rehabilitation methods for patients and survivors.  Estée Lauder's readiness to join forces to support the fight against breast cancer reinforces our activities on a national and global level and is to be applauded".

This year's campaign slogan: "Courage to believe in a world where breast cancer no longer exists.  We promise to stay here until this becomes a reality!"


July 2012

Dragon Boating Festival in Israel

The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) participated in the Dragon Boating Festival on the Sea of Galilee on May 18, 2012, with two Dragon Boats steered by breast cancer patients and survivors - "Yad Lehachlama" (Reach to Recovery) volunteers.

This festival originated in China thousands of years ago; and today, these races take place in 70 countries around the world, with food and music festivals surrounding this fun-filled and colorful event.

Dragon boat races have attracted many professional paddlers as well as amateur and inexperienced paddlers, and each boat seats 20, in addition to a navigator and a drummer, who sets the pace with his/her voice, or according to the beat of the drum.

The Israeli Dragon Boat Festival is a joint UIA Federations Canada and Jewish Community of Ottawa, Canada initiative. Among the paddlers was a group of women belonging to "Yad Lehachlama" – “Reach to Recovery” – a volunteer organization which is part of ICA. Volunteer breast cancer survivors who have been specially trained, provide consultation, visit patients in hospitals, provide support and consultation regarding prostheses, etc., free of charge.

These breast cancer patients and survivors participated in paddling activity which mainly involved the upper portion of the body, and has been scientifically shown to increase the range of motion, activate the muscular and skeletal system as well as depleted muscles, boosts the immune system, and get the lymphatic system back in working order.

Additionally, the team spirit and feeling of "togetherness" contributed to patients' and survivors' emotional reinforcement so that they can better cope with the disease and its implications.

This activity was partially funded by Roche Pharmaceuticals, the company orchestrating the "Roche Lends a Hand" project.




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