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'Stop smoking Competition' for the World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2014

If you can stop smoking from 2 June to 30 June 2014, you will have a chance to win the first prize of 5,000 Swiss francs. Ten consolation prizes of 500 Swiss francs will also be awarded.
In previous campaigns, one-third of the participants had continued to refrain from smoking six months after the competition, according to research carried out in recent years following previous competitions. The fact that a participant has not smoked during the full one-month period must be certified by a sponsor.


"Starting at 50, it's time to think about your intestinal health!"

screenshot-video-darmkrebs The Swiss Cancer League's new colorectal cancer screening information campaign took place in March. It encourages people 50 years of age and older, through both a serious and humorous approach, to talk to their doctor or pharmacist about this topic.

The Cancer League has been committed to this topic for several years, so that fewer people develop colorectal cancer and that fewer affected individuals die from this disease. Following initiatives undertaken by the Cancer League, the Swiss federal authorities decided to support colorectal cancer screening for people 50 to 69 years, through compulsory health care insurance coverage. Thus, since July 1, 2013, two screening methods, the faecal occult blood test (FOBT) and colonoscopy, are reimbursed if they are carried out based on a medical prescription.

As part of the colorectal cancer information month's action, the Cancer League informed doctors and pharmacists about colorectal cancer screening and urged individuals 50 years of age and older to address this issue with them.

Information Material Available to Professionals
In order to help doctors and pharmacists in providing information to their patients and clients, the Cancer League developed and distributed an information sheet for professionals and also a leaflet for the general public. The information sheet presents the current state of screening. The leaflet summarizes the key points on colorectal cancer along with FOBT and colonoscopy descriptions, as well as the compulsory health care insurance coverage conditions. It also notes the cantonal and regional cancer leagues' information campaigns.

A Poster, a Butterfly and a Humorous Film
The Cancer League has prepared a poster and a butterfly that were placed in public lavatories in order to capture public attention with a simple message: Starting at 50, it's time to think about your intestinal health. The butterfly was also in the forefront at presentations along with a huge model of an intestine which could be shown at events. The Cancer League also produced a humorous film that is featured on its own website, as well as on YouTube and the Cancer League's Facebook page, in order to facilitate dialogue and to de-dramatize the examination.

Film in English: Y

Further information and film in French:

Further information and film in German:
Further information and film in Italian:

Nicole Bulliard, Communications Officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



World Cancer Day 2014

A broad range of advice to dispel erroneous ideas

4 February 2014

Despite intensive action to create awareness, there are still many myths circulating regarding cancer which cause anxiety. On the occasion of World Cancer Day 2014, the Swiss League against Cancer has updated the advice it offers to inform and support patients and their close family members in line with their needs.

Alongside advice and personal support, patients suffering from cancer and their families are increasingly using modern technology to gain fast access to the information they want. The Swiss League has expanded the services it offers in this domain by taking advantage of World Cancer Day to launch their new offering. Through a more diversified offer, it wishes to contribute to filling the gaps in knowledge by offering the security of reliable advice based on proven facts to combat the uncertainty that undermines patients and close family members.

 Opening the InfoCancer telephone line an additional two hours per day
0800 11 88 11
The Swiss \League against Cancer has extended the service of its InfoCancer telephone line by an additional two hours per day in collaboration with the cantonal leagues against cancer's social services. The new opening hours are: Monday-Friday,
9.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

The InfoCancer Line on Skype
The InfoCancer line counsellors can now also be reached on Skype by using the address "".

The InfoCancer line of the Swiss League against Cancer and the counsellors of the cantonal and regional leagues are confronted with the anxiety of patients and their families on a daily basis. Is cancer contagious? Do I increase my risk of getting cancer by using a deodorant every day? When a patient has cancer, does that always mean certain death? Often patients and their families do some research on the internet themselves where they can find rumours, half-truths or ambiguous information. This only serves to disturb them even more and can also make them afraid. Professional advice can help dispel many of the myths surrounding cancer.

From 4-11 February, you can find on the myths dealt with by the League's counsellors on a daily basis and the responses they provide to re-establish the truth.






October 2013




Switzerland goes around the world using muscle power  alone!






During breast cancer information month, Swiss  volunteers have done the equivalent of going around  the world in an enthusiastic action of solidarity with  women who are fighting breast cancer.  More than  40,000 km were covered thanks to an original  campaign that did not use the traditional channels.    The purpose of the Swiss League against Cancer’s  action was to increase the general public’s awareness  of the problems of breast cancer.

The number of people involved was extraordinary given that the action only lasted one month: there were more than 10,000 visitors to the micro-website “Together around the World”, and more than 3,000 people were active participants, on foot or cycling, covering a total distance that was more than circling the globe.  Photographs sent by the participants can be seen on the webpage:

This result is all the more remarkable since for this campaign, the League did not go through the usual channels.  There was no vast poster campaign and only a modest budget – the campaign took place mostly online.  Running clubs, dispatch cyclists groups, and dance groups, etc. were all involved – more than 1,000 potential ‘multipliers’ were contacted directly via e-mail.  A majority of the running events that took part in October welcomed participants in the Swiss League’s action, including the legendary Morat-Fribourg Race.  In addition, the internet was activated by online advertising and on the League’s Facebook page.

It’s good to get moving!

By using the symbol of ‘movement’, the campaign’s purpose was to increase the Swiss population’s awareness of what it means to have breast cancer.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women.  Every year, 5,500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Switzerland and some 1,300 women die from the disease.  One woman in ten will have breast cancer during her lifetime.  Regular physical exercise can have a positive effect on the risk of developing breast cancer and it can also help those women affected by the condition to recuperate and maintain their physical and psychological equilibrium.


The Swiss League against Cancer (founded in 1910) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to the prevention of cancer, promoting research and providing support for people who have cancer and their families.  This national umbrella organisation, with headquarters in Berne, brings together some 19 regional leagues.  It is funded primarily through donations and is ZEWO certified.  (ZEWO is the Swiss certification for state approved fund-raising organisations)



October 2012


Standing Together against Breast Cancer!


 Several walks were organised locally to make a virtual ribbon and stand together agains breast cancer. A minimum of 1000 km were planned and more than 6.867 km were walked in Switzerland!


 The Association of European Cancer Leagues implements activities which receive financial support from the European Commission under an Operating Grant from the European Union's Health Programme (2014-2020). The views expressed on our website and reports do not necessarily reflect the official views of the EU institutions.
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