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21st DAFFODIL DAY in SLOVAKIA, April 2017

Held on April 6, it was officially opened by the President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska at the Cancer Help Center of League against Cancer in Bratislava. The President warmly greeted participating representatives of LAC, student volunteers and patients, who visit Cancer Help Centre regularly on various activities. In conclusion, he supported the Daffodil Day fundraising with an impressive final donation.
Daffodil Day was again held in a positive atmosphere, despite the rainy and cold weather. Very good cooperation with media, the private sector, a chain of supermarkets, various organisations, partners, but above all with more than 16,000 volunteers from all types of schools and universities, Slovak Scouting, Slovak Red Cross and others, brought in proceeds to the amount of €942.856,39 EUR.

The net income €914.635,23 EUR was distributed for support of planned strategic activities.

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19th DAFFODIL DAY in SLOVAKIA, April 2015

Daffodil Day is the biggest annual one-day fundraising event in Slovakia. Daffodil day was for the first time held in 1997. Increasing trends in cancer morbidity and mortality led to the decision that priorities must be set for reducing the cancer burden that is of concern to all of us. The League Against Cancer's mission is therefore to help and continue to finance those areas where progress is limited due to lack of money.

This fundraising event, using the daffodil as an international symbol of hope, has become very popular in Slovakia, as in other countries around the world. We are pleased that people in Slovakia stand together on this Day and help to raise much-needed funds for progress in prevention, education, treatment, care and research.

We express our thanks and gratitude to the many supporters and partners, and especially to more than 16 000 volunteers (students, university students, Slovak Scouting, Slovak Red Cross, various companies and other) who helped immensely in raising the sum of collected money. This result shows that people trust us and know that during the existence of the 25-year-old LAC much has been done for the benefit of cancer patients in many directions.

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18th DAFFODIL DAY in SLOVAKIA, April 2014

For the 18th time, League against Cancer Slovakia organized an unique one-day fundraising event - Daffodil day. This year it took a place all over the country on April 11th.
It was again a wonderful day, almost 16 000 volunteers were in the streets of towns and villages of Slovakia giving a small plastic daffodil pins or real daffodils to people as a symbol of hope and support for cancer patients in Slovakia. Donations for Daffodil Day are always voluntary and the amount of every donation is optional for every donor.
We are happy to say that our Daffodil day was once again very successful, it has helped raise resources for effective projects of the cancer control programme in Slovakia. Even though we don't know the final revenue yet (final amount from donations through text messages will be reported over the next weeks), so far we raised 915 000 euros which is already more than the last year's revenue.

Daffodil Day is very well known and well received activity of our League. We are grateful for the trust and great support from public. As a "Thank you" to everyone who joined us on Daffodil day we held The Thanksgiving concert in 2 main cities in Slovakia: Bratislava and in Kosice, where many guests, leading figures from social and political sphere, musicians and performers came to support the event and its cause.

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World Cancer Day 2014

As in previous years, the League against Cancer in Slovakia joined the endeavour to remind people in the whole world that the fight against cancer must be continuous. This year´s Cancer Day saw in Slovakia several activities focused on actual issues. Using media, distribution of thousands copies leaflets across the country, lectures for general public and seminars in schools enriched by discussions with invited guests on related issues contributed to dissemination of important message.
We also cooperated with the most popular television – TV Markiza and during this day one of our visitor, sympathizer Eva and psychologist were invited to their morning show – Telerano. We got a great feedback because of this activity.
All this activities accentuated also the necessity of political involvement in actions leading to cancer burden decreasing.




IMG_4200 Cancer Patients’ Forum in Slovakia, December 2012

 The League against Cancer organized and hosted the Third Cancer Patients’ Forum which took place on  December 14-15th, 2012 in Bratislava, under the auspices of the European Association of Cancer Leagues,  the Slovak Medical Society and the Slovak Cancer Society. The session brought together around 300 patients with different cancers, and representatives of various institutions – the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family, insurance companies, professional in medicine and other related disciplines.

The aim was to enrich the knowledge on new initiatives and to provide a platform for discussion of problems, needs and wishes. The first part of the session consisted of introductory lectures, followed by discussions in workshops related to some aspects of healthcare services, psychosocial care, rehabilitation and palliative care. Toward the end of the meeting a draft of resolution was presented to the audience and after discussions and amendments the text was adopted, signed by all participants and sent to decisive authorities.

The Forum is a very useful instrument to focus on specific problems and an appeal to policy makers to proceed to necessary actions.






Vacations for Cancer Patients         


Slovakia’s League against Cancer provides a week’s holiday for cancer patients, paid for entirely by the League.  The patients do not have to make any contribution, even the travel costs to the hotel/resort are covered and the League also organises the travel.  This usually consists of coaches that collect the patients where they are located and take them to their holiday destination.  They need only take ‘pocket money’ for their personal needs. 
The League offers: 
1. Relaxation stays organized by the League, comprising 5 different options available to 60 patients at each location.  These trips are available to any cancer patient in Slovakia who submits an application (it is not necessary to be a member of any patient organisation).
2. There are stays organised by units affiliated with the League - usually patient organisations/self-help groups that receive full financial support from the League, as well covering expenses related to their local programmes. 
3. There are some patient organisations that are not members of the League  but which are partially funded by the League. following submission of a proposal (similar trips are generally one of the projects for which they request financial aid).

The League is able to organise most of these programmes and fund them from the proceeds of its Daffodil Day campaign. 

Relaxation holidays

"Relaxacne tyzdnovky" is one of the League’s programmes for patient rehabilitation.  The League organises these relaxation and restorative stays, in order to help patients feel stronger and have more energy to cope with their everyday lives.  These trips take place every year in beautiful resorts and are a great opportunity to give patients relief from their physical or psychical pain, and to ease any difficulties in socializing which they may experience after the major change in their life situation following the diagnosis of cancer and the subsequent treatment.  At these locations, they can meet other people who are dealing with similar problems and this helps mitigate any feelings of loneliness or helplessness.  They can find some equilibrium by sharing their feelings with other patients who have undergone the same or similar experiences.  During their stay, the League tries to integrate more activities to attain a maximum level of rehabilitation for the patients:

  • Physiotherapy (exercises with a physiotherapist, massage, swimming, pain relief).
  • professional psychosocial support (a psychologist and social workers, often even an oncologist are present during their stay to provide professional help for anyone who may need it)
  • Psychosocial support provided by mutual support, sharing information and experience and mutual encouragement among the patients.  New friendships are formed during the week spent together and these friendships often last and provide hope for a good and healthy future.

During 2012, the League has organised five such stays (lasting one week).  Some 60 cancer patients attend each of these relaxation holidays – patients with various cancer diagnosis, different ages, men and women from different regions of Slovakia.  Anyone whose health is in a suitable condition can register to attend.  All these stays are fully funded by the League against Cancer and are free of charge for every cancer patient.

There are also similar stays organised by various patient organisations and self-help groups (most of them are League’s units and members).  These stays are also made possible by partial or total financial support provided by the League against Cancer.  In all, the League provides an opportunity for rehabilitation during these relaxation and restorative stays for more than 800 patients.


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16th Daffodil Day in Slovakia 2012

held on April 13, it was again a success, it raised over 960 000 €. On this Day, 16 279 volunteers out of all types of schools, universities, the Slovak Scouting, the Slovak Red Cross, various companies and institutions assisted in money collection in the streets and in other places, and many people contributed through telecommunication services. Countrywide promotion of the fundraising campaign with a large media coverage was enabled by financial support of several partners.

Daffodil Day was closed by a Thanksgiving Concert arranged on the main square in Bratislava in which many guests participated, among them the new Health Minister Dr. Zuzana Zvolenská. The event was highlight by announcement of a special gift – a new car donated to the League against Cancer by the company KIA for Cancer Help Centre services.



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