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Cristiano Ronaldo 

To be the best means to say YES to this cause” says Cristiano Ronaldo on his support role as Ambassador of the LPCC-Portuguese League Against Cancer: much more than goals on the road of a real Champion

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese football player considered to be the best player of the world) accepted to be the new ambassador for the national fundraising campaign running from November 1st to November 5th. 
This initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of contributing and assisting the Portuguese Cancer League in the fight against cancer.

After the most recent shower of prestigious Awards like the 2017 Ballon d'Or or the Best Fifa Awards 2017 Men's Player of Year, Cristiano Ronaldo has kept the pot boiling, won again and became Ambassador of the Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC) and its nationwide fundraising campaign with the involvement of hundreds of volunteers collecting donations for the cause.

Ronaldo is one of the biggest benefactors among athletes. In 2007, Cristiano’s mother was operated because of breast cancer at the Central Hospital of Funchal. Since then, Ronaldo has repeatedly made donations in favor of the Portuguese League Against Cancer (Liga Portuguesa contra o Cancro). Other supporting activities include Cristiano Ronaldo’s generous donation to support children from Aleppo and across Syria. According to some sources, in total, Ronaldo has spent more than 10 million euros for charity. Furthermore, using his voice and visibility he has been a real Champion claiming the attention of the media and encouraging his fans and more than 250 million social media followers to join him.

In an amazing and heart-touching video clip, Cristiano Ronaldo appears with João, a young boy that had beaten cancer two years ago and is, for all of us, the best in the world. Together they want to challenge the Portuguese people to say “YES” to this cause that supports screening, prevention, research and the cancer patient. Cristiano Ronaldo states “Together we are stronger” and calls for the support of everyone for this campaign.
That's the road of a real Champion, the road of the new Ambassador of the Portuguese League Against Cancer, a proud member of the ECL-Association of the European Cancer Leagues.



cc 20171110 coimbra congresso codigo europeu cancro



Successful Congress dedicated to the European Code against Cancer in Coimbra

Set in the grounds of the historic Quinta das Lágrimas Hotel in the ancient city of Coimbra, on 10-11 November the Portuguese League against Cancer organised a 2 day congress dedicated to the European Code against Cancer.

Attended by more than 200 national delegates, including GPs, teachers in primary and secondary education, and league volunteers, the congress aimed to present and contextualise the scientific context underlying each message of the European Code against Cancer, recognising the cancer league’s critical role in transferring evidence into action.

The Congress opened with a keynote presentation from ECL President Dr Sakari Karjalainen on the role of cancer leagues in promoting the European Code against Cancer. In addition, representatives from the Polish and Hungarian Leagues against Cancer participated, alongside colleagues from the Romanian Cancer Society, which was particularly fitting as the congress was in part inspired by the pilot training workshop co-organised by ECL and the Romanian Cancer Society in Bucharest in April 2016.

To mark the occaison, commeorative stamps were commissioned representing the mediterean diet, and will now be on permanent dislay at the central musuem in Portugal.











April 2016

75 years of Solidarity and Humanity

12967357 1219984921359998 2878603845205374680 o The Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC-Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro) celebrated, on April 4th, 75 years from the date of its foundation. That same day another award was given, the first to be given out during the mandate of the new President of the Republic.

The Opening Ceremony of the 75 years of the LPCC was attended by over 450 people among which there were distinguished guests as His Excellency the President of the Republic Prof. Doctor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and His Excellency the Minister of Health, Prof. Dr. Adalberto Campos Fernandes.

During the ceremony, that lasted about an hour and a half, the focus always remained on the impact of the LPCC in the society concerning its work with cancer patients and their families and also on the health code that is necessary to create to overcome the many obstacles inherent to health progress, mainly concerning professionals, technology or humanity which increasingly becomes more crucial. As stated by the Minister of Health, Prof. Dr. Adalberto Campos Fernandes, in his speech: "In the context in which the NHS has claimed responsibility for equitable access to health for all citizens, la Liga has succeeded in providing inputs to modernize and to adjust to the new needs of the country. Above all, it has mobilized financial resources for the promotion of initiatives to prevent cancer and encouraged research but never forgetting the primary factor of its raison d'être: its indispensable support to patients and to their families."
The President of the Republic rewards LPCC with the "Ordem do Infante D. Henrique" / "Order of Prince Henrique"
Starting his speech congratulating Prof. Doctor Manuel Sobrinho Simoes for the prize he had just received, the President of the Republic addressed the Minister of Health: "Your presence here is a signal of constant attention to this important national cause, but also, since many years, it can prove to be a major player in the creation of a real health code for our society".
Professor Doctor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa reminded all the participants that the work of the founders of the LPCC has been important, but its persistence to the present day is the result of solidarity and humanity that have been maintained throughout the generations. "Praise to those who preserved and today give life to an institution which has not exhausted its mission yet, nor was replaced in the public interest" the President continued his speech, "and this is the third message I want to leave you, beyond the gratitude to the pioneers and their faithful and active successors, the Portuguese League Against Cancer continues to have a mission and this mission has an unique value, for which it was recognized in 1966, when it was awarded with the Order of Charitable and in 2006 when it was awarded with the Order of Christ. I decided to bestow in this 75 years celebration, the Order of the Infant D. Henrique, as first award of my presidential term."

The LPCC is to be congratulated for their perseverance and hard work over the years and all individuals who are part of this institution either as volunteers or part of associations, research, psychological support, fundraising ... To all of you a warm thank you for keeping alive the hope of thousands of patients and families

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"You can: Read and Prevent!" is the name of the book that the Portuguese League Against Cancer presented on the 29th January .
228 pages of stories concerning cervix cancer, risk factors and prevention that were created by 85 anonymous writers. They accepted the challenge of being part of a creative writing competition in 2014 and now their 17 stories are released in a book and can be read by all of us.
200 people attended the event in the night of 29th January that was simultaneously the closing event of the European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. We read some excerpts of the book were read and commented by a doctor in a session with some music and art.

We truly believe that all the writers learn a lot while constructing their stories and now all the people that are going to read them will be equally elucidated about cervical cancer risk factors and prevention."

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 DSC 0023 



January 2016

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 

"You can: Read and Prevent!" is the name of the book that the Portuguese League Against Cancer has presented on the 29th January .
228 pages of stories concerning cervix cancer, risk factors and prevention that were created by 85 anonymous writers. They accepted the challenge of being part of a creative writing competition in 2014 and now their 17 stories are released in a book and can be read by all of us.
200 people attended to the event in the night of 29th January that was simultaneously the closing event of the European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. We read some excerpts of the book which were commented by a doctor in a session with some music and art.
We truly believe that all the writers learn a lot while constructing their stories and now all the people that are going to read them will be equally elucidated about cervical cancer risk factors and prevention."


 January 2016

Vitor Veloso 

 Dr. Vitor Veloso has been appointed as the new President of Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro for the next 3 years.










International Cancer Patient Advocacy
Portugal - Coimbra, 12 and 13 november 2015


GIFmaker patient advocacy Cancer is nowadays a serious health public problem, and for the health systems across de world. The increase of its rates and in the number of patients that lives with the disease will lead to a dramatic rise in the number of persons with cancer accessing health services, carrying various challenges to the organization of the health systems and provision of quality oncology care.

Internationally, the care of people with cancer has been recognized as a major aspect in clinical practice in oncology. As a result, a new movement has emerged in the health domain, and specifically in oncology settings, aimed at the promotion and protection of patient's interests, and trying to bring some change on organizations, health professionals and patients themselves, in order to improve patient-centered care and the quality and access to oncology care. The Patient Advocacy movement is essentially intended at promoting patient autonomy, the respect for their rights, and their protection against the error and negligence in health care. Patient-centered care, patient safety and patient involvement are the focus of the work of the various patient advocates.

In Portugal the area of Patient Advocacy is not sufficiently delimited, organized and discussed. Therefore, the Portuguese Cancer League (LPCC) organizes a scientific reunion with the presence of international experts in Cancer Patient Advocacy and national specialists with relevant work and positions in the health care system and oncology settings, in order to promote the reflection and discussion around the main concepts, aims, organization models and forms of Patient Advocacy, as well as the expansion of this movement in our country.



Health education on breast cancer for blind and partially sighted
For more information please visit:

Health education on breast cancer for blind and partially sighted Often, women with disabilities are denied services provided to women simply because these services are "unintentionally" geared to non-disabled women. In some cases, as in the case of breast-cancer information or breast-cancer screening, this inequality of access for all women with disabilities can have life-threatening consequences. Actually there is a lack of information content on the prevention and diagnosis of breast cancer in Portugal directed to the blind and visually impaired woman.

In this context the Portuguese Cancer League (LPCC) established a protocol with ACAPO - Portuguese Association of Blind and Partially Sighted and Europa Donna Portugal – European breast cancer advocacy organization, towards the development of outreach activities for the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer as well as for the production of materials in various formats (braille and large print brochure, and an e-book). To support the development of this materials, the Portuguese Cancer League submitted a funding application to the EDP Foundation - EDP Solidarity 2014 which was awarded.

In 2015, breast cancer will be our main focus, thus several educational sessions will take place for blind and partially sighted persons, for health professionals and for staff within the Breast Cancer Screening program of the Portuguese Cancer League. In the next years we aim to develop further materials in other topics regarding cancer prevention.







Pink October 2014 

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World Cancer Day 2014

Several activities were held on that special day:

1. Virtual Question Box (from 22th january to 3rd february)
Two weeks before the 4th of February we have launched the campaign "We need to talk about cancer". People could send all questions they have about cancer to an e-mail address especially created for the campaign. We have used our partnerships with schools in order to have adherence to this idea. All questions were answered by technicians working in our organization.
2. Press-release about World Cancer Day
We elaborated, according with european ( and national ( guidelines, a press-release and sent it to all mass media players in Portugal.
3. Materials Production
The Northern Branch of Portuguese League Againts Cancer have adapted and translated the first myth logo to use it in posters, facebook, e-mails, etc.

4. Mass media (4th february)
RELATÓRIO - photo2  On the 4th february, during all day (since 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.) representatives of our organization were interviewed in several TV and Radio channels

  (Dr. Vítor Veloso, Presidente, Núcleo Regional do Norte, Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro)




 5. Human Chain (4th february)

RELATÓRIO - photo 2


   In Vila Real (a town in the North of Portugal) the organization achieved an human chain with hundreds of people.  





 6. Schools Activities (4th february)

As far as many schools have sent questions, this was a day of answers releasing through internet but also in lectures with our technicians.

 You will find a summary here with more pictures.



October 2013

Pink October

There were many activities against Breast Cancer.

2013-10-31_Um_balo_uma_vida  Um_Balo_Uma_Vida



Dia_Mundial_da_alimentao_11set_1To comemorate the World Food Day, on the 16th october, the Portuguese League created a special tablemat.

The tablemat was conceived for distribution mainly in schools. It was a one day activity but the places where the tablemats were distributed are engaged in the Portuguese health education programms.

As you can see, there are games in the center and, on the sides, there are some information about healthy food and its relationship with cancer prevention


May 2013

Crt_imagens_English_Page_1 Health Campaign toward the youth

The Portuguese League against Cancer has launched a Health Campaign "Eating well is Healthy!" in schools during May, every Thursday. 10.000 children from 6 to 10 year old are covered by this campaign and will be aware of the importance of eating 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables each day.

Next year, more children will be contacted.






European Week Against Cancer, May 25-31 2012

National Conference on Cancer Survivors | National Cancer Screening Conference | Awards Ceremony in the scope of the Drawing and Composition Contest “Smoking - why people should not do it” | 1st Iberian Congress of Psycho-Oncology





“Approximately 400 people attended the Conference on cancer survivors”

The theme, debated for the first time in Portugal, resulted in the confirmation on behalf of the Minster of the Health, Paulo Macedo that cancer survivors shall be exempt from paying user charges.

On May 28th, a Conference on Cancer Survivors was held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, organised by the Portuguese Cancer League in partnership with the Biomedical Law Centre of the University of Coimbra.

The auditorium of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation was full with patients, doctors and legal experts who discussed the conditions provided to survivors to access health care, the role played by medical councils in inability statements, fertility, labour relations and the relationship with banks and insurances.

The announcements made by the Minster of Health, Paulo Macedo, regarding the exemption of payment of user charges by cancer survivors and the availability expressed by the Minister of Justice, Paula Teixeira da Cruz, in preventing the stigmatisation of patients that survive cancer are already the result of this pioneer discussion in Portugal.

1st National Cancer Screening Conference

The Centre Branch of the Portuguese Cancer League promoted the First National Cancer Screening Conference on May 25th, at the Vila Galé Hotel, in Coimbra. The purpose of this initiative, integrated in the scope of the European Week against Cancer, was to provide a space for dialogue and to share experiences and knowledge amongst processionals that are involved in population-based Screening Programmes on a daily basis of three screenable types of cancer: breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer.

Several public figures from the health sector were present such as Dr. Francisco George, Director General for Health, Dr. Nuno Miranda, Director of the National Programme for Cancer Diseases and authorities from several Regional Health Administrations in Continental Portugal and Health Services from the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira.

With over 220 participants, the Conference was an opportunity to discuss the importance of the three Cancer screening Programmes nationwide, especially the urgent need to hold screenings in all regions of Portugal.



The Centre Branch of the Portuguese Cancer League held an Awards Ceremony in the scope of the Drawing and Composition Contest “Smoking - why people should not do it”

An Awards Ceremony was held on the 31st May 2012 (World No Tobacco Day) of the 14th Edition of the Drawing and Composition Contest Smoking, Why we shouldn't do it? (Fumar, porque não se deve fazer), launched by the Centre Branch of the Portuguese Cancer League on the 17th of November 2011. The auditorium of the Portuguese Youth and Sports Institute in Coimbra was too small to receive approximately 1.055 teenagers with ages ranging from 10 to 15 that participated in the Contest with 874 projects. The best drawings and compositions received awards at this ceremony that included an outreach activity and round table discussion on Tobacco, moderated by Dr. Luísa Costa from the EMASH (European Medicine Association on Tobacco or Health), drawing attention to the importance of family and school in the fight against tobacco.

The ceremony was presided by the President of the LPCC, Prof. Carlos Oliveira, along with Dr. José Correia Lopes from the Regional Directorate for Education - Centre Region (DREC), while the Contest's Judge was responsible for handing out the prizes.

1st Iberian Congress of Psycho-Oncology

As part of the celebrations of the Europe Against Cancer Week and having as main objective to promote debate and raise awareness among the scientific community to the importance of the psychological determinants have at various stages of malignancy, the Northern Centre of the Portuguese Cancer League held on May 26 the first Iberian Congress of Psycho-Oncology.

In addition to the physical component, there is a psychological dimension, which cannot be neglected in the treatment of cancer patients. Thus the psychological intervention on cancer patient and family is a key factor for promoting quality of life and enhancement of medical treatments performed.



April 2012

Half a million with the Portuguese Cancer League's Facebook page

The LPCC is a leading institution in the area of health and has been successful in approaching public in general

Involving people in Cancer Prevention

There is a permanent interaction of followers with the LPCC page, through “likes”, shares and comments. The numbers are overwhelming. The League's Facebook page currently has over 505,000 fans and 44,000,000 publication visualisations.


       No_Smoking_Day_facebook_image   facebook_Portuguese_Cancer_League

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