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EXPO MILANO 2015, the world's largest event on nutrition

From September 28 to October 2, the LILT section Oristano  will participate to the national project entitled "Taste of Health". A primary prevention project which aims at promoting healthy lifestyles and good dietary practices and favoring the empowerment of individuals. The objective is to make healthy choices easier, more convenient and desirable . 

Many activities are planned: during the entire event, there will be stands, workshops, conferences, videos and exhibitions. Among other things, each Italian section joining the project will present the "dictionary" of foods, a list of foods that can help prevent cancer.
Specifically LILT Oristano chose food as the Sardinian artichoke , black rice, mullet, sardines and pomegranate and will promote them on the stand providing information sheets and genuine recipes to all visitors.

 LiltExpo Milano





Provincial LILT MANTUA Section.

Ended Sunday, March 23 the national week for cancer prevention promoted by LILT Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori, in collaboration with Coldiretti's Campagna Amica Foundation, which saw as the protagonist extra virgin olive oil, a symbol of healthy eating and prevention of many diseases.
In Mantova the final event was held at the farmer's market of Gonzaga, where volunteers distributed LILT oil bottles and information materials dedicated to prevention. The initiative also attended two holiday cottages of Terra Nostra, Rasdora di Porto Mantovano and Corte Nespolo.


On 15 April 2014 was held the ceremony of "Solidarity bus", at the premises of L.I.L.T. Prevention Centre-South Delegation of Pachino (SR) in Via Aldo Moro No. 113, at 10.00.
On this occasion was shown the welfare program that that submission is intended.
Thanks to the sensitivity shown by the Mayor of the city of Pachino, Paul Bonaiuto, and by the town, with its precious contribution, it will be possible to improve the service provided by the local Lilt.
The ceremony was attended by local authorities, military and ecclesiastical and civil, with the interventions of the Director-General of L.I.L.T. of Syracuse, John Lazarus, the regional President, Claudio Castobello, and all volunteers who come into daily contact with reality.

Video of the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the LILT Bus





National Week for Prevention of Cancer

16-24 March 2013

XII edition of the of the Italian League against Cancer (LILT)

 Lilt_affiche   The 12th National Week for Prevention of Cancer in Italy was held this year 16-24 March.  This is one of the highlights of year for the Italian League against Cancer.  Established by a Ministerial decree the event aims to provide information and increase awareness that prevention is now the most effective and successful weapon against cancer. 

Science and medicine concur that more than one-third of all cancers are preventable if we were to eat healthily.  A healthy and balanced diet is in fact an indispensable ally for good health.  The Mediterranean diet, for example, is famous for its health benefits because it includes plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains, fish, small quantities of meat, and extra virgin olive oil, renowned for its protective qualities against various types of cancer (in particular cancers of the digestive tract and carcinoma of the breast).  Extra virgin olive oil was therefore elected as a symbol of the historic National Week for Prevention of Cancer of LILT. 

We must all eat healthily, follow simple rules, and adopt behavioural patterns that help reduce the risk of developing the disease, in addition to taking regular exercise, refraining from smoking and reducing alcohol consumption.  If people were to follow this advice and adopt a healthy lifestyle, in the short term, more than 80% of cancers could be cured. From 16-24 March, LILT mobilized volunteers in major Italian cities and offered a bottle of extra virgin olive oil to members of the public in exchange for a modest contribution to support the activities promoted by LILT and help pay for diagnostic equipment.  They will also provide a booklet full of information on a healthy lifestyle with tips and recipes offered by a well-known national chef. 

Approximately 400 LILT Prevention bureaus were opened with doctors, health workers and volunteers on hand to offer all the services which represent LILT’s fight against cancer during the past 90 years.  The Campagna Amica Foundation which has always been a reference point for the development of Italian products, guaranteeing their authenticity, freshness and high quality, also worked together with LILT.  They are an exceptional partner and support many initiatives introduced by LILT.  Throughout Italy, the Campagna Amica offered Italian agricultural products to the Italian public, together with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil thus helping to spread the message to encourage a healthy and balanced diet in a positive way.

 The Association of European Cancer Leagues implements activities which receive financial support from the European Commission under an Operating Grant from the European Union's Health Programme (2014-2020). The views expressed on our website and reports do not necessarily reflect the official views of the EU institutions.
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