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World Cancer Day 2014

World Cancer Day 2014 (4 February 2014) focused on Target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration: Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer, under the tagline "Debunk the myths".




Pink October 2013

The Hungarian League Against Cancer organised, in October 2013, in 29 towns and villages throughout Hungary a "Pink Walk" against breast cancer.

The estimated number of the participants was between 2500-4000 people or more.

Before each walk, there was a memorial event with lectures by relevant persons (patients, doctors, local health authority leaders) about the necessity of breast cancer screening and the help for those people who are sick or cured from breast cancer.

And at the end of the walk, the participants let go their balloons to demonstrate the flying away of the disease.

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May 2013

Swim for your health

uszas_encs_miskolc  In the frame of the European Week against Cancer, the Hungarian League Against Cancer organised a special  program for the first time this year.

 The European Week  Against Cancer takes place during the last week of May. Several years ago the Association of European Cancer Leauges launched a campaign among the ECL members. The aim of this campaign has been that ECL members should organise programs that could raise awareness that cancer can be prevented.

Prof. Tamás Simon, president of the Hungarian League Against Cancer, suggested to local groups that healthy and former cancer patients should swim together.

A large number of researches shows that physical activity plays a major role in preventing cancer, besides it has a significant importance in curing the already manifest illnesses.

Consequently, we wished to spread this knowledge among as many people as possible.

For several local groups, it was not the first time that former patients and healthy youngsters who wanted to do something for their health had taken part in swimming competitions. But this time the participants outnumbered the ones in previous years: 261 in 2013!

The competitions occured in the following places:

Budapest /2 other places (Budakalász and Eger) joined the capital./ 30 people

Hatvan  /6 other places joined/ 81 people

Encs /with the participation of Miskolc (big city in the north) 27 people

Iváncsa /with the participation of children from Pusztaszabolcs/ 118 people

Borsodnádasd 5 people

So altogether 13 local groups took part int the competitions.

It is worth mentioning that oncologists swam together with their patients.

In addition, famous sports people supported us by either providing swimming facilities for us for free or encouraging/rooting for the teams with their presence during the sports events. They also expressed their belief how important they considered this initiative. Just to name some of them: Monspart Sarolta, dr. Verrasztó Zoltán, Gütler Károly, Ágh Norbert (olympic and world champions in cross-country running and swimming).

Thanks to them for the swimming facilities and their help and support!

It is a really good feeling that we were able to bring together so many people for a decent goal.

We are very grateful to young people who came and swam on the request of our local groups and special thanks to the former patients who set an example and proved with their presence and participation in the competitions that even cancer can be defeated. We thank them for the hope and faith they gave to those who are currently struggling with cancer.


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