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Pink October 2016

Finland Pink October 2016 1

Finland Pink October 2016 2

Finland Pink October 2016 3 

Two campaign video

Firstcampaign video promoted the ribbon with its designer. In the video the rock musiciansurprises a cancerpatient:
Second campaign video wasmoreemotional and emphasised the importance of cancerresearch. The video wasnamed ”One out of eightimplicating the number of womenhavingbreastcancer in Finland.

Pink Ribbon day in Finland

Pink Ribbonday in Finland waspromoted with a Facebookevent and digitalads
Everyonewasencouraged to takepart in theirownway: having a theme party, pink aerobic lesson, pinkpastries at the office etc. Onlyskywas a limit!
Severalways to raisefunds and donatewereintroduced
Weaskedeveryone to sharetheirevent and way to participate on social media

à And theydid! Social media wasfull of postsaboutpeopleengaging

Finland Pink October 2016 6






Pink October 2014

tuotekuva kooste2014 b                        minnaparikka




Pink_Finland_face  2012 Pink Ribbon campaign in Finland

 The Finnish Cancer Society launched a big Pink Campaign last October using all possible media: Facebook, advertising  posters, magazine ad, partners product sales (pink underwear’s, key rings, etc.) and several events throughout the country.  Well-known TV actors supported the campaign and acted as volunteers.




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