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April 2017

Relay for Life

RFL lux3Emotion, dedication and good spirits : those were the key words of 12e edition of the Relay for life of Foundation Cancer Luxemburg which was once again a huge success.
The first week-end of April, 10.478 participants took part to the solidarity event and gathered a total of 524.208 €!








 RFL lux2     RFL Lux


January 2016

New Director of the Cancer Foundation

Lucienne-Thommes Lux The Board of Directors of FoundationCancer is pleased to announce the appointment of Lucienne Thommes as Director of the Foundation Cancer.
After studying in Luxembourg, Lucienne Thommes studied medicine in Strasbourg. She worked in different hospitals and made replacements for several general practitioners. For three years, she was also a national correspondent of the European Programme "Europe against Cancer". Five years ago, Lucienne Thommes joined the Foundation Cancer where she was responsible for the department Information and Prevention.
Lucienne Thommes started her new functions on 1 January 2016 , replacing Martine Neyen who left her post at her own request on December 31, 2015, after two years at the head of the Cancer Foundation.
Lucienne Thommes is also involved in the ECL Patient Support Working Group.





Relay for Life 2015

16970940635 1297b2edc9 zOn March 28 & 29 2015 took place the 10th Relay For Life!
For the third time there was the "Survivor Tour" with more than 130 participants.
First results:
• 10.088 participants within 375 teams
• 135 participants to the 'Survivor Tour'
• 4.140 handprints on pannels
• 4.609 candles for the candle ceremony
• 6.824 kilometres cycled on bikes
• 243 volunteers

So a total of 322.696 € of net income !



Pink October

Throughout Pink October we cooperated with Europa Donna Luxembourg for 2 major events: the screening of the movie 'Rope of solidarity' ( and a round table about the specific needs of young women diagnosed with breast cancer (aged between 20 and 40).

Furthermore a team of the Fondation Cancer Luxembourg participated in the 'Broschtkrriibslaf' (see photo), a 4K run organised by Europa Donna to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Breast cancer war also the big subject of the September edition of our quarterly magazin 'Info Cancer'



Relay For Life 2014

RFL Lux2 On March 29 & 30 2014 took place the 9th Relay For Life and it was a great success!
For the second time there was the "Survivor Tour" with more than 170 participants and it was very moving.
First results:
• 9.213 participants within 345 teams
• 175 participants to the 'Survivor Tour'
• 3.620 handprints on pannels
• 4.637 candles for the candle ceremony
• 6.135 kilometres cycled on bikes
• 240 volunteers

So a total of 294.012 € of net income !









Martine Neyen Lux The board of the Luxemburg Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of its new director, Mrs Martine Neyen.
After an initial start in medical studies and a Masters degree in classical literature, Martine Neyen began her career working in medical communications in Paris. She then became the director of European programmes management body in Luxemburg, prior to becoming an independent consultant. In this capacity, she was involved in several projects in the education, training and communications fields. Her interest in human relations led her to acquire specific training in communications and one-to-one coaching. During the past eleven years, she has also taught French at the Fieldgen Private School.



 Message from Marie-Paule Prost (September 2013)

Marie-Paule "Dear All,

It is with great regret that I inform you that I have resigned from the Fondation Cancer Luxembourg following differences of opinion with the foundation’s board of directors.

After 24 years of commitment, it is with a heavy heart, and yet with pride, that I am leaving the foundation.  The past three years have not been very easy for me, because the board of directors and I have had a different view of how the Fondation Cancer Luxembourg should be organised.

I consider that I have always been loyal, frank, honest and hardworking.  It is indeed true that my commitment, dynamism and frankness seem to be at the root of my “downfall”, because they weighed heavily in my decision and in the conditions I stipulated in order to stay.

I would like to thank everyone with whom I have worked within the ECL and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to get to know many interesting people from other countries.

With kind regards and good luck,"

Marie-Paule Prost-Heinisch




Cancer Foundation Luxembourg: New Study 

Every five years, the Cancer Foundation in Luxembourg commissions a study into attitudes, knowledge and behaviour of the population in Luxembourg with regard to cancer.  This provides an opportunity to evaluate the current situation and to ascertain developments and changes in Luxembourg society with regard to cancer.

Firstly, we should state that cancer concerns a major part of the population, either directly or indirectly.  Some 2% of the population are currently undergoing treatment and 7% have already been treated for cancer in the past.  Thirty-five percent of the population have one or more people affected by cancer among close family members at the present time, and 86% among people close to them (wider family, friends or colleagues).

Perception of the disease 

The first observation is not at all surprising, cancer is the illness that is feared the most: 80% of the population are afraid of getting cancer.  This is 12 points more compared with the figure in 2007, and 18 points higher than in 2002.  This is probably due to the frequent media coverage of cancer:  it is mentioned increasingly, the taboo connected with the disease is gradually being broken, however by contrast, people are more and more afraid for themselves.

An erroneous estimation of risks 

The study shows that the population has great difficulty in evaluating the level of risk.  Some risks are over-evaluated while others are under-evaluated.  While smoking and the sun are easily identified as risk factors, alcohol consumption is rarely perceived as a risk factor.  More than half the population thinks, wrongly, that drinking a little alcohol is better for one's health than drinking none at all!

Is there too much information concerning cancer risks? 

With the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, exposure to UV rays and relay antennae, stress and pollution, the public now thinks that they are living in a highly carcinogenic environment.  Bombarded with information, they find it harder and harder to distinguish what is true and what is not, and to structure the level of risk.  Ultimately, they prefer to blame genetics or society rather than their own behaviour.  A significant percentage of the population does not particularly like the concept of individual responsibility in cancer prevention, given that that means they would have to change their habits and lifestyle.

The opinion of the population on real risk factors 

Major influence  Small influence  No influence  Don't know

Obesity                       45%                33%                16%                5%

Age                             30%                44%                22%                4%

Sedentary lifestyle      33%                41%                23%                4%


This study enables us to be better informed about the attitude and level of knowledge of the general public regarding cancer in order to evaluate the relevance of our actions, and to help us to improve them.  The study clearly demonstrates that people are sometimes over-informed or badly informed and are thus unable to structure the different levels of risk.  In future, we will have to provide better information regarding the role of alcohol, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle in different forms of cancer.




RFL3 On March 16 & 17 2013 took place the 8th Relay For Life and it was a great success!
 For the first time there was the "Survivor Tour" with more than 140 participants and it was very moving. 


 First results:

  • 8.812 participants within 332 teams
  • 140 participants to the 'Survivor Tour'
  • 4.080 handprints on pannels
  • 3.905 candles for the candle ceremony
  • 1.334 hope bracelets 
  • 2.117 visitors to the 'Giant Colon'
  • 5.710 kilometres cycled on bikes 

More info here

RFL2         RFL4         RFL5  


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