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April 2017

Dutch Cancer Society files lawsuit against Tobacco Producers

The Dutch Cancer Society, KWF, is suing four major tobacco companies for aggravated assault resulting in death and forgery. According to the association, the tobacco companies deliberately incorrectly inform smokers about the damage smoking actually causes, AD reports.

KWF is filing charges against the largest tobacco manufacturers in the world - Imperial Tobacco Benelux, British American Tobacco, Philip Morris and Japan Tobacco International.

The association is charging the tobacco companies with forgery because KWF believes they intentionally manipulate the mandatory tests that measure the emission of harmful and addictive substances in cigarettes. In this the KWF points to what they call the "sjoemel cigarette" [tampered cigarette]. These cigarettes have little holes that tests show make smokers inhale less harmful substances. But according to the KWF, this is wrong - smokers partly cover the holes with their fingers, thereby inhaling more harmful substances in practice than the tests indicate.

KWF is suing the tobacco companies with two smoking victims Anne Marie van Veen and Lia Breed and the Youth Smoking Prevention foundation.


Summer 2014

Recently cancer patient organization 'Melanoma' and the Dutch Cancer Society have launched a new national prevention campaign on sun protection and skin cancer.

This campaign focuses on youngsters and aims to raise awareness: sun protection can reduce the risk on skin cancer. A special music video ' Enjoy the sun, protect your skin' (in English) has been produced and introduced through social media. The central theme of the video clip is sun protection: a gang called 'the cream team' goes around and helps people in protecting themselves against the sun, wherever they are, on the playground, in the parc, on the beach or on the outdoor workingplace. The goal of this video clip is to stimulate people to protect themselves during all outdoor activities whether it's using sun crème, going into the shade, wearing sun glasses or using a cap.





DCS    2012 New Tobacco Campaign for the Dutch Cancer Society

    Smoking is just not the thing to do!

 Do you remember how only a few years ago we used floppy discs, windows 95 and playstation 1? Now they are so out of date, and so is smoking!  This is the message of the new social norms campaign launched by the Dutch Cancer Society on December 17th. Over the last 35 years the majority of campaigns in the Netherlands focused either on smoking cessation for adults who were intending to stop, or social norm campaigns focused on 12-16 year adolescents to prevent them from taking up smoking.

As only 25% of the adult population currently smoke in the Netherlands, non-smoking is the norm. Therefore the Dutch Cancer Society decided to develop a campaign to make the norm more explicit and to activate non-smokers to support the social norm by saying that ‘Smoking is just not the thing to do’.

The campaign asks people to make their own slogan  using the phrase ‘Smoking is sooo ……… [add something old fashion/outdated] on Facebook In this way, we hope that young non-smokers will stay smoke free and that smokers quit smoking. We mainly focus on young adults who are still sensitive to trends and temptations.

The design of the campaign has been tested positively by smokers and non-smokers. The first evaluation however showed that as the Dutch non-smokers are not accustomed to being targeted with campaigns about (not) smoking, their first impression was that this was a campaign about stopping smoking/ Many did not realise they were the target group.  Based on these results we edited the call to action for non smokers. The campaign will run until the end of 2014 with occasional advertising spots on television, a continuous online presence, posters in discotheques, an advertisement before The Hobbit in cinemas and homepage takeovers etc.

Although a few Dutch celebrities support the campaign, the young adults in the campaign advertisements are cast with ordinary people.  

Smoking is sooo      DCS2

-        White legging

-        Doing your lip gloss 10.000 times over and over

-        Paper tickets in public transport

-        Etc




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