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1308 Nicosia, Cyprus
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The Cyprus Anticancer Society is a charitable institution having as its basic aim and objective, the prevention of cancer and the provision of Palliative Care.Its activities cover the following areas.

Prevention of Cancer

One of the main activities of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society is the education of the public on the causes of the various types of cancer and the preventive measures that can be taken to avoid the disease. Great efforts are exerted by the Society in order to change the belief that cancer is incurable. The Society organizes public lectures, issues a large variety of leaflets and booklets covering all the known types of cancer, giving specific advice regarding symptoms and prevention measures.

Amongst other activities, the Society has created the Non-Smokers League which has carried out an important role in educating the public on the disastrous effects of smoking as a prime cause of cancer. The League has submitted proposals for the amendment of legislation. It has also issued a large number of brochures, leaflets and posters for the enlightenment of students and the public at large.

Palliative care

Research and Training

  • Organises lectures, seminars and workshops with the participation of specialists/doctors from abroad and from Cyprus.
  • Subsidizes doctors, nurses and other scientific personnel involved in the field, through scholarships/fellowships in order to enable them to attend seminars and specialized training programmes abroad and acquire specialized knowledge in the most recent techniques of cancer care and treatment.

Some of the main future plans of the Society are:

  • To upgrade and expand the services offered to cancer patients.
  • To enhance the Day Care Service and the Home Care Service.
  • To intensify campaigns for the prevention and early diagnosis of cancer.
  • To continue cooperation with International organizations like theInternational Union Against Cancer (U.I.C.C), the European Cancer Leagues(ECL), the European Association for Palliative Care EAPC, the International Associaton for Hospice and Palliative Care, (I.A.H.P.C.), International Anti-Smoking Organizations, (Globalink), the European Network for Smoking Prevention- ENSP, and the Cyprus National Coalition for Smoking - CNCSP, of which the Society is a full and active member.
  • To continue and expand research and training programmes.
  • To expand the volunteer services.

The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends

The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (

PO Box 23868
1687 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel:+357 2 345 444/Fax:+357 2 346 116
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Short presentation

Who we are:
The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends is a registered charity no 525. It was founded in 1986 by a group of cancer patients, their families and their friends. It provides its services to more than 3500 cancer patients and to their families every year. The Association depends on fundraising events and public donations.

Our aim/purpose/vision:
The mission of the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends is to create a better quality of life for cancer patients and their families and to promote awareness on cancer prevention and control.

What we do:
The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends supports cancer patients and their families, runs information and prevention campaigns, advocates for cancer control policies. The Association also regularly organises and hosts international and national conferences and seminars. Funding for post graduate studies in the field of cancer and palliative care is also provided for doctors, nurses, psychologists and paramedical staff.

Our services:
Our services are concerned with the provision of care to patients and families in the community. We care for adults with the diagnosis of cancer at any stage of the disease. Our services are provided in every district of Cyprus and are all free of charge.

1. Psychology and Social Support
2. Home Care Nursing Care
3. Physiotherapy Service
4. Lymphoedema Clinics
5. Post Mastectomy Support
6. Day Care Centers
7. Transport Service
8. Publications
9. Presentations/Lectures
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Contact persons: Dr Stala Kioupi Vice President, Georgia Orphanou Director of Marketing and Foreign Affairs

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