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The work of the Faroe Cancer Association has been broadened and the initiatives more diversified. In addition to the many activities, we now concentrate more on keeping current with what goes on in the field of cancer research and innovation. The Association endeavors to influence authorities to improve the conditions for cancer patients and their close relatives.

Successful national appeal

One of the greatest initiatives in 2009 was the national appeal Faeroe Against Cancer, which was launched and organised in cooperation with several partners. This concluded with a successful arrangement on October 31 with performances of music, arts, and interviews, among other activities.  It took place in the Nordic House where the events were broadcasted by the National Radio and Television Service.

In the weeks prior to the appeal in the Nordic House, various competitions were arranged such as drawing and other entertainment for children; much more information and PR was communicated in the run-up to the appeal. The National Appeal was very popular and successful, raising DKK 5.5 million. This is the equivalent of more than DKK100 (GBP 8.5) for each inhabitant in the islands. Furthermore, the value of voluntary work performed by several individuals in support of the appeal should be noted. Faeroe Against Cancer clearly demonstrated that the work of the Association is highly appreciated by its citizens.

Cancer planning

Lastly, a Faroese cancer plan was presented to the government’s Health Secretary in 2009. This plan contains a breakdown of the situation and suggests what initiatives should be implemented and how best to plan for the future. We hope that this plan will make the work more consistent with its aim to improve the treatment and prevention of cancer and bring these to greater levels. 

Faroe cancer research

The Faroe Cancer Association appreciates the fact that cancer research has improved in the Faroe Islands in 2009. This year, we provided grants for two projects. The first one was for research on breast cancer aiming at finding out which kinds of breast cancer are particularly widespread in the islands, the frequency and dangers involved, and how breast cancer affects various age groups. The other project studies cancer in the ovaries and the purpose is to reveal the frequency and to what degree this kind of cancer is hereditary.

Other initiatives

The Association arranged many other activities in 2009. The Parliament decided to finance a free vaccination program for ovary cancer for girls born in 1993 – 1995; the Association organised public meetings promoting this program. Furthermore, the Association appointed a coordinator to encourage young girls to become immunized.

Throughout the year, the Association organised public lectures and social events, such as Open House for cancer patients and their relatives, and excursions and trips abroad for families with children that suffer from cancer. The Association has also continued holding conversation groups for children whose parents suffer from cancer as well as for persons who have lost their partners from cancer.




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