Hungarian League Against Cancer (

Post Box 7
1507 Budapest, Hungary

Office address:
Rath György Street 6
1123 Budapest, Hungary
Tel:+36 1 225 16 21/22,23/Fax:+36 1 202 4017
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person: Violetta Winkler, office manager

Short presentation:

Established in 1990
Non-profit, non-governmental, privileged public benefit organization
Member of UICC and ECL

Major goals:
Health promotion
Tobacco control
Early detection

Modification of society’s approach
Motivate people in the interest of their own health
Education (well-informed, educated patients and family members)
Fighting against inequalities (helping disadvantaged people)
Pressure governments and decision-makers (financial assistance to new treatments, medicines)

Central Office located at Budapest (capital city of Hungary)
Local organizations all over the country (over 30 organizations)
General services for public
Special services for patients
‘Together Against Cancer’ anonym helpline service (free of charge)

Union with:
3400 members of the League
Health care professionals
Different level schools
The church

Presentations, courses, permanent trainings
Scientific meetings, conferences, events
Publications (books, general information leaflets, patient information leaflets)
Silicone models (breast, testicles) filled with number of lumps (teaching of self-examination)
Participation in the legal process
Lobby activities
Competitions (drawing and maths competitions for children against smoking, ‘My favourite oncologist’ competition for patients etc.)

Trainings for:
Health care professionals

Regular events:
International Cancer Day (4th February)
St. Agatha’s Day - for patients with breast cancer (5th February)
Scientific Day of Mammologists (February)
World Day of Patients – spiritual day (11th February)
National Day Against Cancer - Dollinger Memorial Meeting (10th April)
World No Tobacco Day (31st May)
Children’s Day in Puppet Show Theatre (May)
World Lymphoma Awareness Day (15th September)
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – warning walks (October)
Quit Smoking Day (3th Thursday of November)
Christmas events – for patients, volunteers, doctors, children etc. (December)
Conference on patients’ rights
Painless Day For Patients (meeting with health care professionals)
Painless Day For Health Care Professionals (new medicines, methods on pain management, education)
‘Road-show’ for family doctors all over the country (on pain management, cachexia etc.)
Targeted On Lung Cancer – warning walk
Different meetings (HPV, HER2 positive breast cancer, treatment of hepatocellular cancer, new methods: molecularly targeted chemotherapy, regulation of angiogenesis, biosimilars etc.)

Our success:
Buying a mobile screening bus with mammograph (€ 250.000) for small villages of the south-hungarian underdeveloped area
Lymphoma Club of the Hungarian League Against Cancer is admitted to Lymphoma Coalition
Changing wiews on pain management (oncology), fighting against opiophobia
Extending pain management (locomotor diseases)
Guinness Record of ‘Toothwashing Together’ with 11.000 children
Rebuilding of Merciful Jesus’s Chapel located at the National Institute of Oncology
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