Employment and financial issues for cancer patients is a subtheme for our Patient Support Working Group. We would welcome your comments, in particular on your own experiences in the workplace.

Resources (others on our PSWG pages):

  • Protecting Cancer Patients at Work (ECL)

ECL developed a leaflet on "European Framework on Protecting Cancer Patients at Work".

  • When an Employee Develops Cancer - A Handbook (Danish Cancer Society)

A handbook entitled "When an Employee Develops Cancer" was developed by the Danish Cancer Society for managers and Human Resources personnel.

  • European Parliament Report

A study was commissioned by the European Parliament's Employment and Social Affairs Committee (EMPL), entitled "Cancer and in general long-term illnesses at workplaces". Published in September 2008, "The aim of the study was to gain an understanding of the barriers faced by workers with long-term illnesses or with cancer in order to be (re-)integrated at the workplace and/or to regain social inclusion. The different approaches and legislations applied across Member States are analysed against the level and duration of sick workers' social protection, in particular by addressing workers' wages and standards of living during and after sick leave. The study also aimed at raising the awareness of breast cancer patients during the 'breast cancer month October'."

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