EU Cancer Joint Action EPAAC ends February 2014; new Cancer Joint Action Cancer Control being launched in March 2014:

ECL is Associated Partner on Dissemination, led by Cancer Society of Finland



The cancer Joint Action EPAAC 2011-2014 came to an end in February 2014.  Cancer control remains on the EU agenda with the Joint Action 2014-2017 "Development of the European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control" ("CanCon") led mainly by Member States.

CANCON continues with the goal of reducing cancer incidence by 15% by 2020:

1) by identifying key elements and quality standards for comprehensive cancer control in Europe and preparing an evidence-based European guide on quality improvement in comprehensive cancer control; and

2) by facilitating cooperation and exchange of best practice between EU countries, to identify and define key elements to ensure optimal, comprehensive cancer care.

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The Core Work Packages in the new CanCon Joint Action are as follows:

- Work package 4: Guide Coordination
- Work package 5: Platform for Member States' cooperation
- Work package 6: Integrated cancer care
- Work package 7: Community-level cancer control
- Work package 8: Survivorship & Rehabilitation
- Work package 9: Screening

ECL continues to provide support in the this new Joint Action in the area of dissemination (Work Package 2) with Finland represented by the Cancer Society of Finland, led by its Secretary General Sakari Karjalainen. 

This new Joint Action was launched in March 2014 in Luxembourg.

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More information and summary reports from past consultations on this new Joint Action are available here.

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