Meet the Youth Ambassadors for the European Code Against Cancer!


As part of ECL’s mission to raise awareness of the European Code Against Cancer and its twelve recommendations for cancer prevention, ECL has set up the Youth Ambassadors for the European Code Against Cancer.  Aged between 18-35, the youth ambassadors have been selected based on their proven and continued commitment to improving health and wellbeing.  The ambassadors will play a vital role in shaping and disseminating the cancer prevention messages of the European Code Against Cancer to young people.

The group remains open for nominations, so if you or someone know are eligible and willing to take part, then get touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., putting ‘youth ambassador application' in the subject line.

Please consult the following link to download an application form.

Read here the Y.A. Workshop Overview 2017.


Current Youth Ambassadors



Paolo Emilio



Paolo says: "I believe that prevention is the most wise and sustainable way to ensure future generation will live a long and healthy life".




Frederic AUGUSTIN (Netherlands/Belgium)





(Republic of Georgia)

Mariam says: "Be a role model and follow the EUROPEAN CODE AGAINST CANCER!"




(Republic of Ireland) 

Lyndsey says: "Having experienced cancer myself, I am committed to disseminating the cancer code to the youth of Europe so they can protect themselves from a cancer diagnosis".  lyndsey connolly






Enes says: "As like in everything, we need the support of young people in cancer prevention as well. If a complete prevention will be possible one day, this will come with the awareness of next generations".  enes




Lukas says: "I believe that sharing the code can make a great impact on people and even change their perception of cancer risk factors".

 lukas galkus


Marek KARMEN (Slovakia)






Antoun says: "There's no sustainable treatment without the emphasis on prevention.  We may never cure cancer but prevention along with a positive attitude are the key to fight it!".

Photo AK




Even says: "We live in a time when information can be transmitted instantly worldwide and cancer is an issue that cannot be ignored anymore. Thus, we should use existent resources such as young patients themselves to attract public attention and communicate an honest message about fighting against the disease."


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Even says: "I want to give young people a fair chance of choosing healthy choices for their lives, so they can live a long and free life free from cancer".


Elizabeth MCLENNAN (UK)

 Elizabeth says: "As a future doctor, I am excited by the empowering nature of this campaign. I hope the world will begin to see that we all have a role in cancer prevention and that cancer is not solely the responsibility of scientists in labs."  liz

Chika NWAKA (Switzerland)

 Chika says: "I believe that it is important for every individual to embrace any opportunity to learn and share knowledge about cancer prevention."  

Suzy O'KANE (UK)


Lucija PECLIN (Slovenia)





Julie says: "It is a wonderful opportunity for me to be part of all of these youths who come from all over Europe and who have different backgrounds and expectations. Now, we must stand together to spread the word that cancer is preventable!"

 julie perain




Janet says: "Eat healthy, train, fight the stress. Cancer prevention is not about medicine, it's about lifestyle".

 janet raycheva

Oana RUSU (Romania)


Emanuel SCHIPOR (Romania)




(Finland / Nepal)

Deependra says: "I wish to see people change their current impression of cancer from a death penalty to a disease that could be prevented thanks to the communication about cancer prevention".  deependra singh1



(Republic of Macedonia)

Miljana says: "It's a satisfaction to be one of the youth ambassadors because the importance of spreading the Code is equal with promoting the health among people".

 Miljana Stojanovska




Wienke says: "I'm very proud to be the Youth Ambassador for Germany and to help disseminating the European Code Against Cancer in my country".  wienke voss1





Helena says: "I want to connect knowledge with action in cancer prevention around me".

helena vucokvic 1


Previous Youth Ambassadors



Andrija BAN








(Republic of Ireland)









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