Throughout this year's European Week Against Cancer, ECL has been busy promoting the European Code Against Cancer at every opportunity.

WorkshopImmediately prior to the beginning of EWAC, ECL organised a successful workshop on the dissemination of the Code. The 2 day workshop, kindly hosted by ECL member Kom Op Tegen Kanker in Brussels, focused on social marketing and behavioural change approaches, and was attended by representatives of 18 cancer leagues from the ECL family. Further information about the workshop will be placed on the ECL website shortly.


CjTP25eUgAE52ySEWAC 2016 was officially launched on 25th May with the announcement of the infographic design competition. The competition was extremely popular with more than 360 entries submitted, involving over 1200 participants from across Europe. The winning entry came from a group of 5 students from Southern Poland.

Visit  here  to see more about the winning infographic. 





Didier Vander steichel

Next stop was the European Parliament for an event hosted by long-time ECL support Pavel POC MEP. The event focused on cancer prevention awareness-raising, and in particular organised cancer screening programmes. Dr. Didier Vander Steichel, Medical Director of the Belgian Foundation Against Cancer, presented the new innovative campaign – "Prolongitudine" – by the Foundation to draw attention to the 12 messages of the European Code. To learn more, please visit ( (FR/NL only).



CjupuwgWYAAi 8POn Friday 27 May, the animated video for the European Code Against Cancer was launched online. The 90 second video provides short animated clips accompanying each of the 12 messages of the Code. See the video for yourself at, and please remember to share widely!

The animated video received its first public appearance during the Open Days of the EU institutions on Saturday 28th May. ECL exhibited at the European Committee of the Regions providing information on the Code to more than 2.000 visitors.


No tobacco groupEWAC 2016 concluded on Tuesday 31st May with a reception at the European Parliament to celebrate World No Tobacco Day, which this year had the theme of standardised packaging.




To view a complete list of activities taking place during EWAC, please see below.





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23-24 May 2016: European Code Against Cancer Workshop, hosted by Kom Op Tegen Kanker, Brussels.

23-24 May 2016: European Childhood Cancer Survivoship Conference, organised by SIOPE, Thon EU Hotel, Brussels.

25 May 2016: Unleashing the mHealth potential for cancer patients, European Parliament, Brussels, organised by ECPC with PatientView, Brussels

25 May 2016: Announcement of winners of European Code Against Cancer Youth Competition 2016

25 May 2016:  EWAC Presentation at Netherlands EU Presidency Conference on Preventing Work-Related Cancer, Amsterdam

26 May 2016:  MEPs Against Cancer roundtable on cancer screening, hosted by MEP Pavel Poc, in collaboration with UEG, European Parliament, Brussels

27 May 2016:  Cancer Support Group at the European Commission, internal luncheon event "Communicating to Children when a Parent is Diagnosed" TBC

28 May 2016: ECIBC empowers citizens against cancer at the JRC-Ispra Open Day, European Commission Joint Research Centre, Ispra Italy

28 May 2016: Exhibition and information stand for EWAC at Festival of Europe's Regions and Cities in the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), Brussels

25-31 May 2016:  Health Promotion Activities by Department of Epidemiology, Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology, Warsaw

29 May 2016: Dal Vuoto della Fisica Quantistica al Tumore al Seno: Interazione Ambiente, Alimentazione, Movimento, Castagnaro, Italy

31 May 2016: World No Tobacco Day event: Plain-packaging to protect our youth: "Progress made, challenges ahead*, 09.00-14.00, European Parliament, Brussels, register here  

31 May 2016: Launch of European Parliament Interest Group on Biomedical Engineering, "Modern Medicine - a product of biomedical engineering", ASP 3H1, European Pariament, Brussels, 15.00-17.30, for more information, contact j.kennedy(at) 

31 May 2016:  World No Tobacco Day Reception: The 2014 Tobacco Products Directive and Plain Packaging Progress in the EU*, in collaboration with Smoke Free Partnership, ASP E1 Sandwicherie, European Parliament, Brussels, 18.00 

31 May 2016: Opening exhibition - Celebrating cancer survivors through art, with MEP Daciana Sârbu and ECPC, Yehundi Menuhin Mezzanine Space, European Parliament, Brussels, 19.00 

1st June 2016: 2nd Better Policy Breakfast meeting: "Caring for metastatic cancer patients: family and nursing perspectives", 08.15-09.30, for more information please contact agata.duczmal(at) 

 * In accordance with the WHO FCTC article 5.3, the tobacco industry and its representatives are not invited to attend these events 

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The Association of European Cancer Leagues

ECL is a pan-European umbrella organisation of national and regional cancer leagues providing a unique and important platform for cancer societies.  From Iceland to Turkey, ECL is represented by leagues in the extended Europe.  ECL aims to “make a Difference in Cancer Prevention and Control!” at European and member state levels. As the MAC (MEPs Against Cancer) secretariat, ECL is honoured to be supporting the work of the Members of the European Parliament in their fight against cancer.

Contact regarding this Press Release: ECL(at) 



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 EWAC History

The European Week Against Cancer (EWAC) took place until 2005.

The European Week Against Cancer was an annual health promotion campaign, organised since 1989. Originally the week was conducted under the Europe Against Cancer Programme of the European Commission. It was managed and partly funded by the Commission services in collaboration with cancer fighting organisations from the EU countries and EFTA countries Norway and Iceland.

From 1999 to 2005, the week was coordinated by the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL).

The European Week Against Cancer had reached an established position on the agenda of the Cancer Leagues and had become familiar to the general public and authorities. It was organised at the same time every year, on the second week of October. The week usually generates interest from the national and local media, and is a important opportunity to raise awareness on specific cancer-related issues, as well as develop the visibility of our Members.

Topics of the European Week Against Cancer 1989 - 2005

1989 The European code against cancer
1990 Tobacco and alcohol
1991 Early detection of cancer and systematic counselling
1992 Cancer prevention at work
1993 Passive smoking
1994 Nutrition and cancer
1995 The European code against cancer
1996 Cancer and sun
1997 Women´s cancers
1998 Cancer in men
1999 Smoking cessation in the youth
2000 Nutrition and Cancer
2001 Women and tobacco
2002 Patients' rights
2003 European code against cancer
2004 Passive smoking
2005 Towards a Smoke-free Europe

“Modern Medicine – a product of biomedical engineering” 

 The Association of European Cancer Leagues implements activities which receive financial support from the European Commission under an Operating Grant from the European Union's Health Programme (2014-2020). The views expressed on our website and reports do not necessarily reflect the official views of the EU institutions.
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