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Sunbed Use and Skin Cancer Prevention: Status, Gaps, and Calls for Action,

Organised in collaboration with Euromelanoma and EADV, under the auspices of the Cypriot EU Presidency, on December 4 2012.  


Photo:  this MAC Roundtable was standing room only!

Hosted by MEP Alojz Peterle (PPE) and MEP Cristel Schaldemose (S&D), in Collaboration with MEPs Kriton Arsenis (S&D), Nessa Childers (S&D), Charles Tannock (ECR).  The meeting highlighted the alarmingly increasing burden of skin cancer in Europe, the risk of sunbed use, and existing actions in the area of sunbed legislations and regulations in Europe and the world. There was also a call to protect minors from the dangers of sunbed use, given the increased risk of developing skin cancer later in life.  See the programme here.

Two events on this Skin Cancer Awareness Day preceded the MAC roundtable in the morning:

1. A free skin cancer screening was offered by a team of leading European dermatologists with the aim to ensure that potential danger signs are detected early on, while at the same time increasing awareness about skin cancer and pre-cursors to skin cancer within the European Parliament.

2. An internal workshop at the World Health Organization convened a group of academic experts and cancer league representatives to discuss current actions and legislations to curb sunbed use.

In addition, the day ended with an evening round of presentations on skin cancer screening at the Danish Embassy with more distinguished speakers.

The report of the MAC Roundtable meeting will be available soon.

Background:  Sunbed users have a skin cancer risk of 20 per cent higher than someone who has never used a sunbed. If the sunbed was used before the age of 35, the risk is almost doubled.  This meeting will review the status of sunbed use and legislations, and discuss how we can all work together to address the gaps.

SUNBEDS SURVEY:  NGOs are kindly requested to provide us information on their actions in a survey by clicking HERE, to be collated in a chapter for the above White Book.  Your inputs are still welcome after the meetings as we are still putting information together.

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