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An MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) National Conference:


29-30 May 2015, Brno, Czech Republic


Hosted by Pavel Poc, Member of the European Parliament,  MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) Vice President,

Ladislav Dušek, Masaryk University, Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses

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This fourth year of the conference evaluated the experience with the introduction of proactive invitations of Czech citizens to the ongoing CRC screening programme.

Available data suggest that the screening programme has become much stronger, starting to have an impact on epidemiological trends for CRC in the Czech Republic. However, the boosted screening programme has also shown some weaknesses, which might become interesting topics for discussion in an international comparison. As prevention programmes in various European countries are still rather variable, the following topics were addressed as they are relevant for physicians and researchers, but also for patients and policymakers:

Equal access to CRC prevention: Why do we still observe significant regional differences in screening performance? To what extent are the programme organisation and the infrastructure of provided care involved? Or are we witnessing social or other discrimination of a certain part of the population?

Convincing promotion: Are we successful at addressing and convincing the target population to participate in CRC screening? What models of promotion and support for population-based screening have been adopted in European countries? Can available data be used to track down common errors in the communication?

Effective control and respecting the feedback from data: Over the last few years, a significant progress was made in terms of CRC screening standardisation. The question remains whether the control of standards is consistent enough. What role do policymakers and health care payers play in this process?  What is the cost of screening? Why is a comprehensive informational support for the evaluation of economic aspects of CRC prevention still non-existent? Are we lacking data?  

Screening is not the end of care provided to patients: Are we capable of providing an adequately fast and effective treatment to patients detected by screening? Is the health care capacity sufficient to meet the programme's outcomes?

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