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Cancon network shows how cancer control experts are connected in EU co-funded Joint Action. "The structure provides a good basis for effective communications", say Finnish WP2 team members.

Cancon communications team believes in networks!


Cancon Final conference 14-15 February 2017

Over 200 experts from all over Europe and Malta participated in Cancon Final conference 14-15 February 2017 with high-level speakers. Three years of Cancon joint action resulted in various recommendations for improving cancer control. Two days of Cancon conference in Malta concentrated in discussing the outcomes in detail.
The European Guide on Quality Improvement in Cancer Control was released at the conference. It will provide a key strategic tool for governments and policy-makers. It was accompanied with five Policy papers, dealing with specific themes of cancer control.
The Cancon conference was a part of Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

A call for affordable cancer drugs
Minister for Health of Malta, Mr. Chris Fearne took the opportunity to call for affordable cancer medicines. He said that new medicines were coming on the market at very high prices, putting healthcare systems across Europe under financial pressure.
Joint action partners had a meeting after the conference. Final reporting and how to get the Guide well disseminated were on the agenda. National conferences to explain Guide topics are a good way towards implementing the recommendations of the Guide.
More information:
• @EU_CanCon and #CanconGuide at Twitter, and Facebook for more news on the Malta meeting news and the Guide dissemination information
Download Cancon Guide and Policy papers

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First Policy Conference of the Cancer Control Joint Action, Committee of the Regions, May 13 2015, Brussels


Description and presentations here

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CanCon WP2 Network Meeting, November 18 2014, Brussels

Cancon meeting Nov 18 The communications team held its first meeting for its partners in Brussels, on 18 November. The meeting was well attended and gave a good perspective of activities. Cancon work packages presented their status of work.

Cancon communications strategy is based on network analysis and there was common understanding that learning from each other results in more effective outcomes in dissemination.
Cancon has just started this year. First year of collaboration is internal and on the 2nd and 3rd year the aim is to grow outreach.
Cancon communication partners have a lot of activities, websites, connections and newsletters that can benefit all participants.
Tools for presenting Cancon are on the website, including Powerpoint templates and brochure.

The communications strategy is also on the web, under the section WP2 Dissemination.
The next meeting for communications will be held in the last week of May 2015 when the European cancer meetings and cancer prevention are topical.
The Association of the European Cancer Leagues ECL is an associative partner in Cancon communications and is working closely with the WP2 team, led by Secretary General of the Cancer Society of Finland, Dr Sakari Karjalainen, ECL board member.
Please give your feedback on any issue concerning dissemination and communications via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And if you want to follow on Twitter, look for @2014CanCon !


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