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Role of Cancer Leagues in National Cancer Control Plans:

ECL's project in National Cancer Control Plans (NCCPs) allow ECL leagues to explore together the roles of national cancer leagues related to the development and implementation of NCCPs.

It should be at the heart of all national cancer leagues' missions to contribute toward the development and/or improvement of cancer planning in their countries, using an integrated approach and evidence based strategies in each of the following domains:

  • Primary prevention and screening;
  • Rapid access to diagnosis and multidisciplinary clinical care, using the full range of appropriate therapies and taking patient's  preferences into account;
  • Coordination of cancer care throughout the process from diagnosis to therapy, including palliative care;
  • Concentration of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of low frequency or high complexity in clinical services with an adequate caseload to maintain quality, with regular audit of results;
  • Adequate management of patient's quality of life and psychosocial care; and
  • Evaluation of cancer outcomes.

National cancer leagues should support the developments to update and monitor the implementation of cancer plans, serving as umbrella organizations for the civil organizations to give voice to patients' rights and to support the oncology professionals.

This activity is being led by ECL represenatives at the Irish Cancer Society and the Dutch Association of Comprehensive Cancer Centres.

An initial NCCP brainstorm session took place in Istanbul in October 2008 alongside our Annual Conference.  The kick-off meeting took place 25-26 June 2009 at the Irish Cancer Society in Dublin.

We are currently working on a joint reference document with UICC.  It will be made available here in late 2012.

ECL NCCP 2008-10 actions are supported jointly by Pfizer Foundation and Novartis.

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