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The Tobacco Control Scale (TCS) quantifies the implementation of tobacco control policy at country level. The scale is based on six policies that should be prioritized in a comprehensive tobacco control program. These six policies are:

  • price increases through higher taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • bans/restrictions on smoking in public and work places
  • better consumer information, including public information campaigns, media coverage, and publicizing research findings
  • comprehensive bans on the advertising and promotion of all tobacco products, logos and brand names
  • large, direct health warning labels on cigarette boxes and other tobacco products
  • treatment to help dependent smokers stop, including increased access to medications.

Points are allocated to each policy, with a maximum potential score of 100. The scale provides a systematic scoring system that can be used by many countries and allows for comparison between them.

In 2010 data were collected in 31 countries (27 EU countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Turkey.

The five countries (UK, Ireland, Norway, Turkey and Iceland), which lead the ranking in europe, have in common a policy of high prices and the adoption of comprehensive smokefree legislation. Three of them adopted legislation, which bans the display of tobacco products at the point of sale. The UK remains number one and is doing well on all six of the World Bank tobacco control policies.

Turkey was included in the survey for the first time and the surprise was that Turkey is in the top five in the table. Despite a strong tobacco history and high smoking prevalence in men, Turkey successfully introduced comprehensive smoke free legislation. The legislation applies the highest standards (no exceptions, no smoking rooms) and is well respected, according to results of the eurobarometer survey, which took place a few months after its implementation in July 2009.

The results of the tobacco control scale 2010 were presented in La Haye (the Netherlands) on March 23rd 2011, a few days before the start of the fifth European Conference on Tobacco or Health which will be held in Amsterdam from 28th to 30th March 2011.


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