Policy Recommendations

LET’S TALK ACCESS! White Paper on Tackling Challenges in Access to Medicines – October 2018

ECL analysis on CAR T-Cell Therapies pricing – June 2018

ECL position paper  on European Cooperation on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) – June 2018

Letters to Policy-Makers

Letter to European ministers of health in support of Italian draft resolution on transparency in pricing of medicines, vaccines and health technologies – May 2019

Letter to national ministers of health on the role of pricing transparency and inter-governmental knowledge-sharing in access to affordable medicines – December 2017

Letter to Commissioner Vestager on the role of EU competition policy in equal access to Medicines – February 2017

Press Releases

Publication of Let’s Talk Access White Paper – October 2018

Reaction to BMJ Study on efficacy of cancer medicines – October 2017


ECL Recommentdations for European HTA Cooperation

ECL Access to Medicines Task Force Declaration of Intent