ECL’s Access to Medicines Advocacy 

Policy Recommendations

Joint recommendations towards fair prices of medicines in Europe  –  July 2020

Submission to EU Pharmaceutical Strategy Consultation  –  June 2020

Joint Position Paper on Medicines Shortages  & Amendments to INI on Shortages –  April 2020


Access to Treatment – A Core Component of ECL’s Vision for Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan  (pg 12-18) –  February 2020

ECL submission to a public consultation on EMA Regulatory Science 2025 – June 2019

Position Paper on the outcomes of WHO resolution on ‘Improving the transparency of markets for medicines, vaccines and other health products’– June 2019

ECL comments  within the EU Ombudsman’s inquiry OI/7/2017/KR – Public consultation – December 2018

LET’S TALK ACCESS! White Paper on Tackling Challenges in Access to Medicines – October 2018

ECL analysis on CAR T-Cell Therapies pricing – June 2018

ECL position paper  on European Cooperation on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) – June 2018

Letters to Decision-Makers

Letter to European ministers of health in support of Italian draft resolution on transparency in pricing of medicines, vaccines and health technologies – May 2019

Joint Open Letter to the European Commission on investigation of root causes of medicine shortages – May 2019

Letter to national ministers of health on the role of pricing transparency and inter-governmental knowledge-sharing in access to affordable medicines – December 2017

Letter to Commissioner Vestager on the role of EU competition policy in equal access to Medicines – February 2017

Press Releases & Statements 

ECL & EORTC joint statement on the judgments of the CJEU in Cases C-175/18, C-178/18 P
PTC Therapeutics International v EMA  –  January 2020

Publication of Let’s Talk Access White Paper – October 2018

Reaction to BMJ Study on efficacy of cancer medicines – October 2017

Infographics & Visuals

ECL Recommentdations for European HTA Cooperation

ECL Access to Medicines Task Force Declaration of Intent