European Code against Cancer actions


ECAC Update Meeting summary. 4-5 December 2018. Lyon, France


ECAC Public awareness survey 2017. Evaluation report.

ECAC Public awareness survey 2017. Infographic.

ECAC workshop summary.
27 September 2017. Copenhagen, Denmark

ECL article “Towards systematic evaluation of the ECAC. Dissemination of the Code in Poland” in Journal of Health Inequalities.


ECL microgrant program 2016:
Overview of Supported Actions

ECL Sites visits report 2016

ECAC workshops summary 2016

ECAC: Pilot “Train the Trainer” workshop
12-13 April 2016. Bucharest, Romania


Summary Report of Recommendations for Disseminating the European Code Against Cancer at the National Level

ECAC Public awareness survey 2015. Evaluation report.