The Innovative Partnership for Action Against Cancer (iPAAC) Joint Action brings together 24 Associated Partners (with Affiliated Entities, 44 partners) across Europe whose main objectives are to build upon deliverables of the CANCON Joint Action and to implement innovative approaches to cancer control. A Roadmap on Implementation and Sustainability of Cancer Control Actions will be the main deliverable of this Joint Action.  Find all about iPAAC at

The first WP5 iPAAC conference “Early diagnosis of cancer – 5 things you need to know” was hosted by the National Institute of Oncology and  held on 20 May in Budapest, Hungary.   Agenda, press release and presentations can be downloaded here:

Results of the CANCON Joint Action can be found at

The European Joint Action on Vaccination (EU-JAV) brings together the European Commission, health ministries, international policymakers and organisations, institutes, universities from 20 countries and a wide range of stakeholders, including civil society and manufacturers’ representatives, working on vaccination policy and health services.

Through its core mission of delivering and sharing concrete tools for stronger national responses to vaccination challenges, the EU‐JAV aims at spurring long‐lasting European cooperation against vaccine‐preventable diseases and therefore improve population health.
Find all about EU-JAV  at

As sub-contractor of the French Health Ministry, ECL is launching a School Competition to raise awareness and to promote vaccine uptake among school-aged populations across Europe to reduce their cancer risk. 

CLICK HERE to find our more about the 2019 School Competition for Immunization Week!