MAC Events

How can EU4Health and Horizon Europe programmes improve access to diagnosis, treatment and care for paediatric cancer patients? 
8 September 2020


Report & Agenda

Shortages of Inexpensive, Essential Medicines: Calling for Tangible Political Commitments in the EU
2 April 2019

Cancer, Body Weight and Healthy Diet
17 October 2018

Let’s Talk Access: Launch of ECL White Paper
10 October 2018

See the Press Release here
White Paper available here


Celebrating 20 Years of Progress In Paediatric Haemato-Oncology in Europe
25 September 2018

Early Diagnosis & Cancer of Unknown Primary
26 June 2018
Meeting’s Press Release

Skin Cancer Registries in Europe: From Knowledge to Action
20 June 2018

Recognising Cancer Nursing in Europe
16 May 2018 

Skin Cancer: Safe Work under the Sun
27 March 2018 

Quality of Cancer Care
6 March 2018 

Re-innovate Cancer Treatment: The Potential of Re-purposed Drugs
27 February 2018 

Improving outcome,
driving efficiency in cancer care:
How do we learn from best practice?
30 January 2018 

Alcohol & Cancer
23 November 2017

Occupational Cancer in Firefighters
28 September 2017

Sunbed Use: All Cost, No Benefit
22 June 2017

Cancer Screening in the EU
1 June 2017

World Cancer Day 2017:
MEPs Against Cancer Statement
4 February 2017