My Personalised Breast Cancer Screening (MyPEBS) is a European project that will compare standard breast cancer screening in 5 countries (Belgium, France, Israel, Italy and the UK) with a screening strategy that takes account of a woman’s breast cancer risk. The project is a Randomised-Control Trial (RCT) that will begin in January 2018 and run for 8 years. Around 85.000 from the 5 participating countries shall be recruited over several years beginning in late 2018. Funded by the Horizon2020 programme of the European Commission, the project contains more than 20 partners. Objectives include to compare the impact of the risk stratified approach on the incidence of advanced tumours of the breast, assess the cost-effectiveness of this new approach, and investigate women’s psychological acceptability of receiving their breast cancer risk as part of this process.

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26 partners

in the MyPeBS consortium

7 participating countries

Belgium, France, Israel, Italy and United Kingdom

About 1,000 doctors and scientists

involved in the project

85,000 women

to be recruited in the clinical trial

8 year project duration


12.5 millions euros of funding

from the Horizon 2020 programme