WASABY is a 3-year pilot programme funded through the EU Health Programme, beginning in January 2018. The action focuses on the geographical analysis of population-based cancer incidence data in connection with environmental factors, using breast cancer and water/soil contamination as an example. Read more.

Activities are envisaged include:
A spatial analysis by cancer registries on to map cancer incidence risks identifying localities with higher-than-regional average cancer incidence. This will include a focus on the estimation of socio-economic deprivation indicators across the European cancer registries An environmental pilot study, incorporating a literature review on water/soil environmental risk factors for breast cancer, will connect cancer registries with environmental protection agencies in the areas with identified increased cancer risk, and will be performed in at least one cancer registry area, with the aim of studying correlation between soil and water contamination and breast cancer risk; An online courses aimed at increasing breast cancer risk awareness for girls and adolescents are designed and promoted.