Since 2007 the ECL Patient Support Working Group (PSWG) connects cancer care experts who work together on topics such as access to insurance and financial services, return to work, caregiver support, cancer rehabilitation and palliative care. PSWG members share best practices, develop guidelines and other information sources to raise awareness and improve quality of care, and seek to empower the patient voice in national and European policy-making.






Introductory Note from PSWG Chair

ECL formed the PSWG in 2007 to act as an information source for member leagues and to provide an international platform to share knowledge and advocate on patient support issues at national and EU level. The group meets twice a year, in the Spring and just before the Autumn General Assembly, usually hosted by one of the PSWG member leagues. This allows the group to experience national facilities and differences and to learn from local expertise. In the meantime, the group is working on different issues. Cancer is becoming a chronic disease and Europe is aging, thus the number of cancer patients and cancer survivors will continue to increase. That’s why the PSWG focuses on cancer patient and survivors and their quality of life.

In the coming years the PSWG will concentrate primarily on return to work and communication between healthcare professionals and patients, particularly focusing on relationship and sexuality issues during and after treatment. By working together we strive to achieve our goals to improve health services and needs of persons living with and after cancer.

Being a part of this group gives participant opportunity to make a difference. It is also stimulating, challenging and exciting.

Alrik Meesen
Chair, Patient Support Working Group