Established in 2020, the ECL Prevention and Early Detection Working Group (PEDWG) connects cancer control experts from cancer leagues across Europe who work together on various primary and seconday prevention issues, with a focus on tobacco control, early detection and obesity.

The working group will contribute towards achieving ECL’s mission statement: “to advocate for improved cancer control and care in Europe through facilitating collaboration between cancer leagues and influencing EU and pan-European policies.”

The general objectives that guide the work of the group are to:

  • Foster the regular exchange of knowledge and experience amongst member leagues via routine virtual and physical meetings, online tools for collaboration, and other relevant means as identified by member leagues;  
  • Assist member leagues with the implementation of policies in their countries, in order to reach actual successes, sharing data for benchmarking;
  • Proactively engage with policy development at the European level, concerning prevention and early detection respectively, by defining ECL’s specific response to policy and legislative proposals, and formulating recommendations for public health advocacy at the European level.
Introductory Note from the PEDWG Chair


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Cristiana Fonseca

Chair, ECL Prevention & Early Detection Working Group