WG1: Dysfunctional Elements

Dysfunctional Elements working group is determined to address the first goal of the Task Force, as stated in the Declaration of Intent:

‘Goal 1: The cancer societies of this task force state that all effective and innovative cancer treatments now and in the future, should be accessible to patients. Patients cannot suffer from a dysfunctional system and/or unsustainable financial and pricing arrangement in the prescription of medicines.’

Members of WG1 are seeking to identify all obstacles in access to medicines in Europe and working together to find ways to address the key dysfunctional elements within the following categories:

  1. Treatment Access & Variation in Use
  2. Cost Containment
  3. Regulatory Issues
  4. Innovation Models

Strategic goal of WG1 is “Putting the most important dysfunctional elements and solutions within the health systems focused on access to medicine on the political agenda.”